Vik Beach

Sebastian Bay 1A


Vik Beach is located in Vik, Iceland at 6°.25'N , 19°1'W

Primary or Secondary Beach?

Vik beach has its features created by volcanic forces. It is a Primary coast because of this.

Type of Beach

Vik beach is considered an active coast or beach because it is close to active tectonic activity. Volcano's are the main force that formed the "black" beach.

Emergent or Submergent?

The beach has been rising relative to sea level since its existence. It is a emergent coast.


The sand at Vik beach is black in color because it is made by the near by volcano. It is made of besalt. it was created by contraction of lava as it flows and cools into the ocean.

Other Beach Features

Other features include the Cliffs, besalt sea stacks, and stair case like stack that form along the coast line building up the sides of the cliffs.