The Carleton Chronicle

A weekly update from Carleton Middle School.

Greetings from Carleton!

I want to wish the best of luck to our 8th grade band students who will perform as part of the MSBOA State Festival tomorrow morning at SHHS. Ms. Lantto and our students have worked so hard to get to this point, now it's time to show off. Play well.

I want to remind all of you that students DO NOT have school on Tuesday, May 2 for Election Day, and have a HALF DAY of school on Friday, May 5 for teacher professional development.

On the topic of Election Day, please see below:

-The district’s ZERO-tax-rate-increase operating millage renewal election is this Tuesday, May 2nd.

-The millage renewal contributes directly to the district’s operating budget and assists in maintaining high-quality education programs for students.

-Without it, WCS would receive 23 percent less funding annually for the next 10 years. Schools, programs, class sizes, learning materials, staffing, and extracurricular offerings would be significantly impacted.

-Please be sure to VOTE TUESDAY, MAY 2nd to insure WCS can maintain itself as one of the premiere school districts in Macomb County.

-Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

-For information on polling locations and where to vote, visit

Clark's Corner

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of watching Carleton’s track team strive for and get excited about their accomplishments as both individuals and as a team. It was an exciting time for them, and a proud one for me that brought back memories of when I coached track. I was able to watch many of our students literally live up to the “Finish Strong” motto that Mr. Kausch, our staff, and myself have been working hard to teach and live by as we finish out this year.

Watching that meet also brought back memories of a miler I coached many years ago. This young man was easily a head shorter than the best miler on every other team and despite ever improving times, every race he would stay with that top runner until the final 200 yards. At this time he would “kick” or attempt his final sprint and the boy he ran against, determined not to lose would do the same. Because he could not match strides with the taller boys my miler finished second every race. Before the league meet he and I had a talk and I laid out a very different plan for him. I explained to him that if he ran the same race he had always run he would lose to the same four boys that had beat him in previous meets. We both agreed that a fifth place finish was not going to be good enough. I told him I would like him to try something very different, and do his kick, his hard 200 yard sprint at the end of his second lap (there are four laps in a mile). I believed that he had to put distance between himself and the other runners early so he was not matching strides with them at the end and acknowledged while it was risky, because he might not have enough energy left for the fourth lap, I believed his determination to win would help him finish strong. That young man finished first beating everyone that beat him previously. That finish can teach us all a few lessons.

  1. The pace you set early in the race is key to a strong finish. As we begin the final leg of the school year we really are only on the second lap for the 4th quarter. Establishing an academic lead with strong grades now is the key to a strong finish.
  2. We have to take risks, especially when we are not successful. Students and adults alike often do the same things at work yet achieve mediocre results. That is only okay if you are happy finishing second. To win in life you have to take smart risks, for our students that might be risking embarrassment to ask a question, or changing the way you study in hopes of better results on a test.
  3. Success breeds success. Nothing is more dangerous than a mentally tough runner who has the lead, he or she will do everything in their power to hold onto the lead they have taken. Academics are the same when students are checking their grades in PowerSchool and see themselves winning they are less apt to give up their “lead”.

I hope you have found my experience both helpful and entertaining. Your feedback is always appreciated.

General Announcements

Our next Booster Club meeting of the year is next Monday, May 15, at 6:00pm in the media center. At that meeting, we will be electing officers for next year along with finalizing plans for our 8th grade farewell. Please join us.

"The Colt Sundae," is available at the Coco Bean Creamery on 15 mile road. This is an ongoing fundraiser for Carleton, for every sundae purchased, 10% is donated to our Booster Club.

We will have a dine to donate fundraiser on Friday, May 5th at the Subway on 15 Mile Road and Schoenherr. Subway will donate 15% of all sales back to Carleton between the hours of 11:30am - 3:30pm.

Part of our work to develop and maintain strong communication hinges on having accurate home and email addresses as well as telephone numbers. If you've had a change, please contact our Counseling Office at (586) 698-4498 or by emailing Ms. Frankowski directly at

Events for Your Calendar

May 1 - 6th Grade begins MSTEP testing (bring headphones or earbuds)

May 2 - No School for Students. Remember to vote.

May 5 - Half Day, Dismissal at 11am