Tropical Rainforest Biome

By: Selah West

Where to find this biome:

This biome can be found in central America in the Amazon river basin, Africa

in the Zaire basin and a small area in West Africa, eastern Madagascar,

Indonesia- Malaysia, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. The tropical rainforest if found near the equator.


In the rainforest, it's very hot and wet so there's lots of rain. Most of the rain comes from the rainforest's own evaporation. It rains about 250 cm per year and it rains more than 90 days with the sun shining through it all. All this rain means it's very, very humid in the rainforest. The average temperature is about 77° Fahrenheit and never drops below 64° Fahrenheit. So basically, the rainforest is hot, humid and moist.


  • Bengal Bamboo
  • Bougainvillea
  • Curare
  • Coconut tree
  • Durian
  • Jambu
  • Kapok Tree
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Strangler Figs
  • Tualang


There are many animals that live in the rainforest. Some of them are:

  • Africa Forest Elephant

  • Chimpanzee

  • Bengal Tiger

  • King Cobra

  • Vampire bat

  • Harpy Eagle

  • Linn's Sloth

  • Orangutan