Snapshot Learning

New Resources added in Chrissy Holidays

Oldies but Goldies - Programming Support

26th Jan

Number - Algebra - Quite a few new student activities for addition/mult/fractions/patterns and check out the mental computations pdfs.

New Additions - TEN, Word Walls - inspiring

Cyber Safety - The Virtual Classrooms which provide a wide variety of internet safety topics plus free support resources for students Y4-9. The resources include clips to discuss, lesson plans, online games.

Anti Bullying - The Student Welfare Teaching Resources - looks good.

Lots of great new multipurpose Maths resources

Spelling - Steph Westwood shared her Term 1 Spelling activities.

Sustainability - Have you seen the newest 4 additions?

PDHPE S1-3 Outcome Checklists for your class program - created by Vivian Harris.

Film English - The site promotes the innovative and creative use of film in English language teaching and learning. All of the lesson plans revolve around the use of video and film to teach English. The site promotes cineliteracy, the ability to analyse moving images, and considers cineliteracy as a 21st century skill which our students need to learn. In addition, the lessons promote critical thinking in the language classroom, and encourage learners to reflect on values while learning a language.

Added 19th Jan

ES1 Science Unit - Changes In Seasons - Created by Gayle Pinn, Principal of Mulwala PS.

Concepts - Lizzie Chase's S1 Concepts document which nominates suitable text for teaching a variety of concepts in English.

Added 18th Jan

The Great Barrier Reef Unit - Created by Gayle Pinn, Principal of Mulwala PS.

Journal Jar - Shake to receive a unique prompt. Works on the computer as well as in app form.

Visual Literacy - 2 ppts that explain visual literacy to students - vector, gaze, salience etc

S1-3 Creative Arts Syllabus program checklists created by Vivian Harris.

Added 16th Jan

Wolves - POV - These are very provocative clips that will stimulate student discussions.Suitable for predictions, inference, persuasive writing about protecting our wildlife, banning guns, wolves being misrepresented. Informative texts on wolves can also be read and developed.

Pixar In A Box - A collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Sponsored by Disney.

Added 13th Jan

Bullying - A link to the Anti-Bullying Shed at the Literacy Shed

STEM - Links to the Inventors Shed and Science Sparks.

The Image Shed - link added to the Writing prompt page.

Informative Text - A true story about the history of Lego which can be used as a model text for writing chronological reports or biographies. The narration of the text can be used to show directly what these texts look and sound like. Note the use of rhetorical questions in the opening section. How paragraphs often begin with connectives, words to show when something happened or to show the passing of time. e.g. Many years ago, one day, suddenly etc. It can demo the links between paragraphs e.g: "It seemed like nothing could go wrong. But a stormy night in 1942 changed their luck.

Newsreel - Features old newsreel clips.

New English Units - The Burnt Stick S3, Stellaluna S2, Mr Archimedes’ Bath S1, Woolves In The Sitee S3.

The Adventures of Figaro Pho - Use short clips as writing prompts and/or discussion starters, predict endings etc

Everyone has at least one irrational fear…. in the case of Figaro Pho, he has them all! The Adventures of Figaro Pho is a series about a warm-hearted, adorable, quirky and mischievous character … who just happens to be afflicted with every phobia imaginable.

Added 12th Jan

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths - New Snapshot Science page with resources/ideas to get you started.

Added 11th Jan

Kinetic City - Contains a range of science experiments, games and activities that will get students thinking and planning.

Science of Cooking - Learn about the Science involved in cooking meat, eggs, pickles, bread and candy. Activities provided!

Design Squad - which has been added to the STEM page. Design Squad contains a build section with guides, a design section where students share their "ideas" and an informative watch section.

Added 10th Jan

Building Comprehension Skills Through Trailer Teasers - Lesson provided including "teaser" and questions to ask, an excellent resource.

Fairy Tale Webquest added.

Inspire Writing with The Jedi and BB-8 Droid.

Push Pull - Activity ideas from Explore

Added 9th Jan

Pobble 365 Writing Prompts - This free classroom resource for teachers aims to engage young people in creative writing. A different image and writing activities every day of the year. Plus you can download the writing activities, pictures and previous lessons/pictures. An awesome resource!!!
Every Student - An excellent resource to support students with special needs.

What's Our Climate? - A Stage 3 Geography unit created by Gayle Pinn, using the New Geography outcomes.

We Are Australian - A Stage 3 English unit created by Gayle Pinn and featuring The Burnt Stick, which beautifully supports Gayle's What's Our Climate" unit.

21st Century Wow - A website created by Naomi Wiseman who explains 21st Century learning with the view of meeting the needs of our 21st Century learners.

Base Word Activity - Prefix, Suffix activity with free download

Science Tech Talk - updated this page to include Term 4 2015 editions.

Celebrate the Year - Created by Vivian Harris who has selected celebrations that fit in with the Australian Curriculum Cross Curricular Focuses of: Sustainability; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History; Culture and Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia. The General Capability of Intercultural Understanding is also catered for with national days and religious festivals. Famous people's birthdays with emphasis on children's authors and poets, scientists, artists, composers, mathematicians and significant people in Australian history.

Classroom Seating Ideas - Creative ideas that will stimulate student discussion.

Added 2nd Jan

A Look At Assessment - Webinar

History - Continuum of Learning, HSIE Assessment Strategies, Programming A Unit, Your School and The History Syllabus.

English Webinars - Quality Literature, Introduction, Quality Literature - The Stone Lion.

English Concepts - Webinars - Teaching Imagery, Character and Representation

Bees - 4 new links

Skeleton and Human Body - Links

Comprehension Lessons - Idea

Colonisation of Australia - Free timeline cards, unit ideas and a teaching clip.

Smurf Brain Breaks - Soooooo cooooo!!

Class Rules Idea, Classroom Goals and Behaviour Management Idea - A Marg D resource.

Do dinosaurs feature in your 2016 units? If so The Good Dinosaur free, colouring pages will be a definite hit! Why not have your students compose texts, from the point of view of a character in The Good Dinosaur? Compare and contrast the character traits after viewing the Disney review.

Added 31st Dec

Local Places/Heritage sites - Lots of great new additions to support S1 Past in The Present units.

Aust. Immigration/Multiculturalism - Lots of great new additions to support S3 Australia As A Nation unit.

Letters and Sounds - A UK publication featuring excellent teaching strategies.

Conceptual Planning - The English K -10 Concept Continuum was a joint project of DEC and the English Teachers’ Association designed to support English teachers implementing the K-10 English Curriculum with the focus on developing their students’ understanding of the concepts of English. It will be released in early Term 1.

Planning for 2016 and looking for great literature? Read Margot Lindgren's blog posts on Junior/senior Picture Books and Middle/Senior Years Novels for some great ideas!

Kindness Lesson - A great lesson idea to teach kindness and anti bullying. Kindness is cool!

QR Codes - Scan To Win - A novel idea! Create your own similar QR codes as classroom rewards. Students will be excited to discover what they have won!

Increasing Parents At Special Days/Meeting - This is an unique idea and hard fo rparents to resist.

Added 30th Dec

Coding - Chess Kid, Touch Develop,

Cobb & Co - Interactive

New Home - Interactive and learn about two 'displaced persons' who migrated to Australia from Europe after World War II and make a museum exhibition about their stories.

Emergency at Lonely Creek - Take yourself back in time to the late 1800s and get emergency help for a camel driver injured in the outback, using communication and transportation methods available at the time.

Added 29th Dec

AC Units - History now reflects the new syllabus, with additional History units added.

AC Units - Geography also reflects the new syllabus, with additional Geography units added.

Snapshot History has a new Building Capacity page.

Geography webinar

Australia 1913 - A great pictorial resource to support "Past" units of work.

Snapshot History now reflects the new syllabus, with most pages acquiring new resources. Additional "revamping" will be ongoing, so regularly check back, as their maybe a "cool" resource waiting for you!

Added 28th Dec

All About Plants - A great site for Year 1 students to learn about plants. It contains a "how to use" clip for students to view and build their understanding of how t use this site.

Author's Purpose - S2-3 online game

Reading Strategies - Poster and overview

Sequencing - online game -Y2-3 Analogies - online game Y2-4 Context Clues

Base Ten Blocks - Y1-4 online game Decimal Us Rex - S3 Tic Tac Toe - Y2-6

Snow Ball Fight Y3-6 1,2,3 Toys - K counting activity Count and Match - K

Geo Patterns - S1 Time Teller - Y2-5 Zombie Paint - S2-3 pattern activity

Combining and Partitioning Number Idea - with free pocket download.

Public Speaking rubric - Karen Atkins - Shellharbour PS

Speech Topics for Y2-6 - A great range.

Poetry - Pinterest - lots of great ideas Writing Cinquain Poems

Data Walls - Pinterests packed with ideas!

Coding - Botlogic, Dot and Dash, How To Train Your Robot,

Developing Good Pencil Grip - free poster download

Sports NZ Fundamental Movement Skills - free activity downloads ready to be laminated.

Learning Science - This site contains numerous resources for every Science strand.

Amy's Energy Saving Website

Resources from the Royal Far West School, Fisher Rd School.

Writing Prompts - List of topics.

Handwriting - Produced by the Dept of Ed Tasmania it provides relevant skills development activities. Remember it doesn't promote the NSW Foundation Style handwriting.

Graphic Organiser - Story mapping and character attributes - freebie.

Comprehension "Fix Up" Strategies - produced by the Centre of Effective Reading NSW.

Maths Activities Booklet - St Joseph's Narrabeen

Dolphin information Booklet - great resource for writing informative texts.

K-2 Free Printables - created by Mrs Shannon.

Me - A few new K resources for units on "Me".

Added 21st Dec

Interactive Text Type doc created by Rochedale State School in Queensland - check it out, the image of it appears on one of Sharon Tooney's doc. Also another free download a "Text Type" doc.

Writing Styles - This doc contains nothing new but is presented in another manner.

Worms - Interactive and great for report writing.

Space - From the Amazing Space site which contains numerous resources,

Kids Astronomy site,

Age Appropriate Pedagogies - Developed by QLD Ed Department. The summary is easy to read and invaluable.

Geography Unit - Landscapes and Their Features - S1

Wolves Unit - S1 Information text unit.

Weather Patterns In Our Skies - S1 Science Unit

My Triangle of Learning - An interesting concept and easy to adapt to cater for your needs and teaching style.

Dinosaurs - A new link that contains a few new ideas.

Snails, Salamanders, Spiders, Desert resource, new Weather resources. with heaps of resources. Crickets

Position - Hidden Ships and Cross The Maze - fun Tally Marks Graph - Cars

Healthy Eating - Recipes, interactive

Products -Services - Woolly jumper, trees to paper, chocolate, steel

Assessment - WA Assessment site

Punctuation game -S2-3, Punctuation Campground, Punctuation Popup, Splatter Grammar,

Poetry - Andre Adams - number 3, 4, create a Karaoke poem


Music - Composerizer, Listen To Music which is a valuable site with numerous music recordings to use in your classroom. Art-Music resource site -which is super!

Added 21st Dec

Coding - Box Island App, Coding n Math, Google CS Coding, Sphero Unit by Karen Atkins,

PBS Kids ScratchJR App

Comprehension - Comprehension Lesson ideas, Comprehension Handbook

Guided Reading - Guided Reading resource @ Reading Recovery - Clemson

Writing - Teaching Writing and Writing Fix, Writing Connections

Phonics - Guides from the NSW Centre For Effective Reading

Principals As Literacy Leaders - Contains teaching ideas and guides.

Cyber Safety Clips to discuss

Maths - Maths That Feels Good clips - heaps of them, Maths Skills Shorts, Mathantics which contain free clips and you can subscribe for lesson activities, Maths Starters, Maths Guides, created by Simon Job, are an excellent resource to download, enlarge, laminate and mount on your classroom wall! Random Acts of Maths.

Google drive tool to create rubrics.

Connections - Understanding child well being.

Centre for Effective Reading - resources and Outside The Square which provides understanding on dyslexia.

Understanding Maths In School - Parent guide featuring short clips which has been compiled by Hilltop Rd PS.

Review/revise the North Coast's old Maths Scope to reflect the new Maths curriculum.

Two Chrome extensions to create avatars, Prowise Presenter -create IWB presentations/lessons etc

History - Historical Concepts and Skills, Building Historical Narrative, Historical Inquiry in The Primary Classroom and on another page is Australian History Mysteries.

Geography - Aust Geography Teachers Association, Plan It Green, Teach Geography.