Computer Hardware Engineering

By: Omar Nazario

What is Computer Hardware Engineering?

Computer hardware engineers develop, design, and improve computer systems and components. They also deal with networks, routers, and many different computer components. I am interested in this field because I like the idea of being able to impact or change the world with technological advancements.

Basics of Computer Hardware Engineering

- A typical day for a computer hardware engineer would be building and testing various types of computer models in research laboratories.

- According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical starting salary for a computer hardware engineer is $66,070 a year.

- Most computer engineers require a bachelor's degree in this field.


Computer Network Engineering

Computer networking is the sharing of information between two or more people. As a computer network engineer it is your job to build and/or maintain the servers. These servers which allow for the sharing or storage of information are to stay secure, another responsibility as a network engineer. Without computer network engineers, people's important data wouldn't be secure, so it could be leaked to other partys looking to use your information or data.