Feed Teaching Component Pages 41-63

BY: Brett T. Ball


  • awake in the hospital and disconnected from feednet
  • first sense in a while without technology
  • misses the feed
  • says that they are controlled by the government
  • aggravation / Marty mad / Violet starring
  • Violet screwed for being normal???
  • Dad comes to visit
  • Kids play in hospital with IV needles
  • Real connection with Violet
  • Dead Language (programing code)
  • Mysteriousness of Violet

Psychoanaltical Analysis / Withdrawl

"For most of the day since we woke up after the attack, we had stared at the walls. We had been sitting in our beds, and we tapped our feet on the rails" (Night and Boring 54)

"Someone kept starting up the song, and then the others would swear and tell them to shutup." (Night and Boring 55)

"F*** this s***. Fuck this. He wanted to be out playing basketball or something." (Night and Boring 55)

"In fact, the thing that made me pissy was when they couldn't help me at all, so I was just lying there, and couldn't chat anyone, and I couldn't do a fuckin' thing except look at that stupid boat painting, which was even worse, because now I saw that there was no one on the boat, which was even more stupid, and was kind of how I felt, that the sails were up, and the rudder was well, whatever rudders are, but there was no one on board to look at the horizon." (Missing the feed 52)

1st and 13th Amendment Quotes

"They said that they had identified him, and that he was a hacker and a naysayer of the worst kind" (Still Boring 49)

"They make a special profile, one that's keyed just to you, and they give it to their branch companies, or other companies buy them, and they can get to know what it is we need, so all you have to do is want something and there's a chance it will be yours." (Missing the feed 51)

Discussion Question

Does the characters perception of the feed change while the feed is absence?