By: Tanner Whitehead, Jack Ellis, Jorden Thompson


Even with the crudest of tools, the earliest miners were doing well. All one had to do was to dig down into a placer, and wash the pay dirt. The entire gold country was open to all. There were no taxes on what the miners found. Samuel Brannon bought all the mining supplies he could find then said there was gold in the American River. He then sold his supplies to miners coming and quickly became California’s first millionaire.

First gold flakes found at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountains

Monday, Jan. 24th 1848 at 9pm

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James Wilson Marshall found gold in the american river at the base of the sierra Nevada mountains near Coloma. Marshall got super lucky because he was a carpenter building a sawmill for John Sutter.Marshall and Sutter Tried to keep the news on the DL but A newspaper reported about the Gold found at Sutter’s Mill.


Essential Questions:

What tools were being used in the gold rush?

Where was the gold first found?

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