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Deep in the Heart of Davis

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Three of my takeaways:

Over the past two days, I had the honor of attending this conference and hearing a ton of amazing speakers. I wanted to share just a couple of my takeaways.

1. We need to teach kids to be emotionally literate. I know some of you are already doing this through colors or emojis. Brene Brown has identified 30 that she believes all students need to be able to articulate. You can find these with a quick Google search.

2. Teach Kids cognitive regulation skills. Various breathing exercises (box or smelling flower/blowing out candles or laying down and putting something on your stomach and focus on it moving up and down) These techniques help not only with behavior management but with higher academic success.

3. 30-90-10 RULE: Every 30 minutes-students need to move at least 90 seconds-at least 10 feet from their original spot....And don't leave out the 10 feet part.


October 10 (Monday) Parent Conference Day (Student Holiday)

October 13 (Thursday) TL Mtg @ 2:45

October 14 (Friday) Book Fair Preview/ PTA provided lunch (details will come)

October 17-21 PTA Scholastic Book Fair- Pirate Theme!

October 19 (Wednesday) Staff/PD Training 3-5 pm (No Staff Kids provided)

October 21 (Fri) Report Cards/9 Weeks Spirit Assembly 8:30 am/Fall Festival 5:30-8:00pm

October 24-28 Red Ribbon Week

October 25 Red Ribbon Assembly (Details Coming)

October 26 Critical Friends 3-4pm

October 27 (Thursday) PTA Spirit Night at Panera 4-8pm

October 28 (Friday) Reading Parade

October 31 (Monday) Halloween/PTA Treat

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

November 30-December 2 Fifth Graders to Collin County Adventure Camp

December 19- January 2 Winter Break

Spotlight on Professional Learning

Pic Kids

Great iPad App to Use in the Classroom. Best part is they provide suggestions.

eGFI-Dream Up for the Future

NEA voted this site one of the top 10 sites on the internet for STEM education. This site has tons of lesson plans an activities for elementary grade classes.

50 Calm Down Strategies for Kids

Just some more tools for your tool belt!


Happy Birthday song

Happy Birthday to you!!!

October (coming)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find new apps and web tools for my learners?


Plano ISD tech blog


How do I access the building on the weekends?

Contact Brenda Terenas or Jan West

I need to know how to request a day off/access the copy machine/send a fax.

The staff handbook is located at: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/document/d/1NRqWSqHZJ8cJ5w1Ck29DxImlK04MijfIdlnOd_8sUmo/edit?usp=sharing