For all your support

by jason


My abuela, Sonia, has been the biggest person in my life. She is always there when i need her the most. Just that one person to always look back on, and to always keep close. As a kid growing up my abuela has been there for me 100 precent making sure my grades, my behavior , and my stomach were always in the best shape. Its just time now that i have grown up in the real world for me to pay her back. To show through out all the times she has been there for me i can say i was there for her. And i will be able her to show the best out comes of what she has tought me in life. To appricate every single moment with her because i know time does last forever. I am truly glad to say that i can always count on her and i will always look back to my past knowing i couldnt make it anywhere without her. I will always remeber everytime with her, every long night she helped me finish projects and everytime she would give me money for gas and lunch. My grandmother truly is one of the biggest influneces in my life and im so glad to have her here each and every day.