Ventana Vistas

February 2nd - 8th, 2022

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Kindergarten Lunch Time in the MPR

Upcoming Events


8th - Governing Board Meeting (6 pm)

10th - Site Council Meeting

15th - Grading Day (Half Day Schedule)

16th - School Tour for New Families

16th - FFO Meeting (Cancelled)

22nd - Governing Board Meeting (6 pm)

23rd - Virtual Art Fundraiser begins

24th/25th - Rodeo Break (No School)

Friendship Parties on Valentine's Day

At Ventana Vista, our teachers host 3 parties each year--a Winter Party, a Friendship Party and an End of the Year Party. This helps us focus on learning and on healthy habits by not having so many sweets at school.

Please remember that only store bought food items are allowed at school. No home made food items may be given to students. Also, please be mindful of allergies and dietary needs of students in your child's class. In order to avoid any conflicts, you might consider not attaching candy to your cards at all! Here is a link to our healthy celebrations information for you to refer to.

The focus is on kindness and friendship for this party!

FFO Corner

No FFO meeting for February. Our next meeting will be March 16 at 6pm.

Governing Board Members

Amy Krauss, President

Carole Siegler, Vice President

Amy Bhola, Board Member

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent