The 1950's Image

By: Mimi Cassato


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The Teens Thoughs

Being a teenage in the 1950's comes with a lot of standerds, expecation, and commitments. It is obvious that I must dress to impress as all my friends, teachers, and adults do. My dress can't be too short or I'm a slut, my dress can't be to long or I'm a prude. My hair must be perfectly curled and cut just a little below my ears before I go out. I must always wear a convincing smile before I enter a room, so I look presentable and content. Church is manditoty on Sundays, and I must promise myself to the lord in all ways. All of these's things can be stressful as one may say, but it's the only thing I know. I know that after highschool I'll soon marry and have many children. I'll cook, clean, and take care of my husband and children as my future. I haven't even stopped to question that I will live and have a prefect house, a nice car parked out front, and a welcoming home with dinner on the table at six. But that's not what I want. I want a education. I want my own car. I want my own life without expectations and commitments. I've tried to talk to my mother about all of my emotions and thoughs of my future, but she didn't seem to understand. My mother believes and practices the process of a womens life in the 1950's. She has everythings I'm meant to have, but that just isn't enough for me. As of now I have different standards, not just the ones society has made for me.