2016 Development Planning

SE Dallas Operations

Goal Setting

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with the plan.....Tom Landry


For 2016, every employee in operations will have a documented individual development plan (IDP) or plan for your development. Attached is a copy of the document that we will be using. Please let myself or your manager know if there is any questions.


The process starts with you. Please save a copy of the document to your computer. You will start filling out the document to start the discussion.

Once complete, please send a copy to your manager and myself. We will review them and use them as part of the 2016 development/goal setting process.

The document is needed to be complete and returned by Wednesday Feb 17th.

Document Structure

Objective - "My goal is...", "My objective is ..." to. Question to consider include where you want to be and how long will it take.

Career Statement - Summarize your career to this point with any roles and skills.

Career Aspirations - Which positions would you like to be considered for in the futre

Strengths - List 3-5

Opportunity Areas - List 3-5

Development Areas - Schneider Electric uses the Lominger Leadership Architect for the development areas. From the list please select 1-2 areas that you will want to work on. Based on this, we will provide you with a list of development activities. Additional information is on the link below:


Goal Details - Please select 3 development areas for 2016. The goals could come from the Lominger Leadership Architect.