Who am I?

Zack E. Bolt, Visual Identity

I am a Brother

I have a younger brother named Matthew, he will be 17 on Feb 22. He and i have our issues as all brothers do, but i love him with all of my heart. He is my other half.

I am a Musician

I play the guitar everyday, always learning new techniques and songs. I was in the Jazz band at T.L. Hanna High School, trombone was my instrument of choice. I'm quite out of practice as of now but i hope to join some sort of band at the college.

I am a Thinker

I am very open minded. I understand that everyone has their own story and their own troubles that have shaped them in different ways. I enjoy thinking to myself about everything. I think a lot more than i speak. I'm not very quick to say things if I'm not sure its exactly what i want to say.

My Role Model: Ron Bolt aka Dad

He has taught me so much in my life. Hes shown me whats wrong and whats right, who to talk to and where to go to help yourself the most in life. I hope to, one day, be at least half the man that he is. He is my role model and hero.