Winners Forced Back into the Arena

Catching Fire by: Suzanne Collins

A book about love and sacrifice, it will make you realize those you love the most.


In this book Katniss starts a rebellion and sparks many things in Panem. She and her family are threatened with death if Katniss can not convince Panem that she is in love with Peeta. Along the way her best friend faces a whipping that almost costs him his life and Katniss faces a decision that will decide her fate. Run and hide, or help the rebellion. Katniss is a strong headed girl who wants the best for her family. All Peeta wants to do is make Katniss happy and go by her lead.

About Suzanne Collins

An amaizing author of books. She is an author of the series Gregor the Overlander. Her book The Hunger Games was a New York Times Bestseller. She was named one of Times Magazines most influential of 2011. She has also been awarded with the California Young Reader medal. She currently lives in Newtown, Connecticut with her husband and children.