Can Syrian Refugees Settle in Kuwait?

Who are the Syrian Refugees?

The Syrian refugees are people who are being forced to leave their country, because of war. The refugees are fleeing Syria because of the brutal war that has been going on for the past three years. The refugees have been fleeing to countries all over the world. Most the refugees that are fleeing Syria are about twenty two years old, so most of them are young men and women. Most of the refugees have a Muslim religion, and have an Arabic background. Arab is the official language in Syria.

Demographics of Kuwait

Current Population:

  • About 3.8 million
  • About 69% of the population are immigrants
Average Age:
  • 29 years

Age Distribution:

  • 0-14 years: 25.8% (male 348,816, female 321,565)
  • 15-64 years: 72.2% (male 1,153,433, female 720,392)
  • 65 over years: 2% ( male 25,443, female 25,979)


  • 76.6% of the population is Muslim


  • Arab is the official language of Kuwait, but English is also widely spoken.

The size of Kuwait:

  • 17,818 square km
  • It is slightly smaller than New Jersey

Natural Resources:

  • Fish
  • Shrimp
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas

Current Job Market of Kuwait

Most of Kuwait's resources are fish, petroleum, and natural gas. So most of the jobs involve something to do with fishing or mining for petroleum or natural gas. The unemployment rate of Kuwait is only about two percent, so most people have jobs. Which could mean that there won't be enough jobs for all of the refugees that come to Kuwait. Ninety four percent of the population can read and write, so in order to get a job you have to have the proper education. The current wealth of Kuwait is $284 billion (U.S dollars), and the current distribution of Kuwait is $71,000 (U.S dollars).

Transporting the Refugees From Syria to Kuwait

There are three different ways to transport the refugees from Syria to Kuwait, a plane, cars, and walking. By plane it would be 1,006 km (625 mi). By car it would be 1,283 km to 1,521km (12 hours to 13 hours) depending on which route is taken to Kuwait. Both routes go through Iraq, which could be dangerous for the refugees. Walking would be the last resort, but walking would be 1,244.4 km and it would take roughly 249 hours or about 10 days. Using this information the best way to get the refugees from Syria to Kuwait would be by plane. Planes would have to be provided for the refugees in order for them to travel to Kuwait safely.

Would Kuwait be an Appropriate Place to Settle Syrian Refugees?

If refugees were brought to Kuwait the population would grow, and the population would be even larger than it already is for how small Kuwait is. In order to prevent over population in Kuwait only a certain number of refugees would be able to settle in Kuwait. The unemployment rate may increase more if the refugees came to Kuwait. In order to make sure that the refugees could have an income more jobs might have to be made, which could be very difficult.

Both the people that live in Kuwait and the refugees speak Arab, which is a good thing because then there won't be a language barrier between the refugees and the people in Kuwait. Most of the people that live in Kuwait have a Muslim religion, and so do most of refugees. Which could prevent religious fights against the people of Kuwait and the refugees.

Using all of the information that was gathered, and weighing the variables between Kuwait and the Syrian refugees this conclusion has been made. Kuwait would be an appropriate place to settle Syrian refugees as long as it is done in an orderly fashion. Only a certain number of refugees can settle into Kuwait at a time, and all of the refugees must have an income after one year of living in Kuwait. If a refugee doesn't have a job one will be given.



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