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Who is ready for Spring weather? We certainly are here at CAPS. We are also ready to let our talented and trained young professionals start to expand their experiences in real work environments. Medical students, Human and Animal, are eager to find single day shadowing opportunities. Our students come ready to help and/or shadow with the following certifications and/or skills:

Experience with simulated patient medical history and vitals.

Trained in HIPAA - Kansas TRAIN modules and instructor teaching
Trained in Bloodborne pathogens and safety
Trained in Handwashing and infection control
Trained in Personal Protective Equipment

Certified in CPR and First Aid

If you are an individual or business in the medical field we would welcome the opportunity to show you what our young professionals are capable of adding to your business. All medical fields - All levels - All opportunities are being sought. Additionally, please don't forget our Veterinary Medical students will also come with the same set of skills and certifications. If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with Andover CAPS, please reach out to me directly @ Thank you.

Brian Gregoire -

Director of Andover CAPS

Engineering Strand

Most of February has been spent working on projects for the CAPS building, other schools in the district, business partners, and individual learning. Storage and organization is an ongoing challenge for any building and the CAPS Engineers have worked hard to create solutions in our building. This month they completed work on a custom rack to store wood and other building materials, they designed and 3D printed keyboard and mouse stations for all of the Cleartouch screens throughout the building, and they built and installed a coffee bar complete with storage space for mugs in our vending area.

At the end of the month, a team of students began work retrofitting bookshelves at Sunflower Elementary to accommodate front facing picture books. It will be exciting to see the progress made in next month’s newsletter.

A group of Engineering and Business students also teamed up to tackle a design project that was brought to us by one of our business partners that will remain nameless for the time being. This is purely a teaser, as it will be several months or more before we will be able to share the results of their efforts. It is amazing to see this group of students dive into this real world project.

Several students have also worked on their own projects to develop new skills. Among these are a material sorting robot, an architectural model, and an acoustic wave amplifier. If you or your business has a problem that our engineering students might be able to solve, please contact the engineering instructor.

Seth Scripter

Engineering Instructor.

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Business & Create Strand


CAPS Business young professionals have been working towards advancing their leadership skills through a case study series over the book "Legacy" by James Kerr. The book focuses on the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, one of the most successful sports teams in history, and it provides leadership examples from a management consultant's point of view as to how they've become such a successful organization. Apart from our leadership series, students are also busy finishing up our first business analysis project in which they conducted market research and will be providing suggestions as to how one of the companies could gain a larger share of their market.


The young professionals in CAPS Create have been focused on gaining job experiences within their specific areas of interest via meetings with industry professionals and job shadows during their CAPS course time. Prescott Deckinger, a senior from ACHS who is focusing on Sports Journalism, has been a model student of CAPS Create this semester. Not only did Prescott obtain an internship with the Wichita Wings indoor soccer team early on in the semester, but he's also completed / scheduled five job shadows so far during the week and a half we've focused on gaining job experiences. Many of our young professionals are chasing their own dreams across various fields like psychology, cosmetology & esthetics, elementary education, writing, social work, and being a museum curator.

Steven Huskey -

Business Instructor

Medical 1 Students

February felt like it flew by! We are still very busy in Medical 1, with students learning vital signs, CPR/First Aid and how to do a Head to Toe (or Nose to Tail) assessment. Our students had their first project and they did really well; they were instructed to find something interesting in their field and within 5 slides tell us about it.

We have had a few students getting out to shadow. Two students got to shadow a dentist and watch a crown procedure. A vet student got to shadow a few surgeries and we have had a student that is getting ready to shadow a chiropractor who is famous for infant colic treatments. This month went by so quickly, we don't anticipate March being any slower. Our students have grown so much in such a short time here at CAPS.

Ashley Hurley, BSN,RN -

Medical Instructor Medical 1 Students

Medical 2 Students

Med 2 students have been busy! Students began this month reviewing their skills of donning and doffing sterile gloves from last semester. They then proceeded to build upon their sterile technique skill set by learning how to set up sterile fields for procedures at the bedside. We hosted Andover Central Middle School’s ”Reality U” where our students were available to discuss the program with younger kids and answer questions about their career interests. Some middle school students had the opportunity to observe second semester students remove staples from a manikin patient’s arm.

We also covered a great deal of information over the genitourinary system in a short amount of time. Med 2 students had the opportunity to practice inserting and removing indwelling foley catheters in the lab with our nursing simulator manikin. Last Friday, we were fortunate enough to come together with first year students to listen to Curtis Hurley, Ski Patrol of Deer Valley, Utah Ski Resort discuss emergency procedures. The students really enjoyed hearing about this interesting field of work and took great interest in the guest speaker.

We are proud to say all of our second level students have been on job shadows this semester and many are working toward securing summer employment in their field of interest.

We look forward to kicking off March by diving into the gastrointestinal system. Students will have the opportunity to practice skills such as GI assessments, nasogastric suction, and ostomy care to name a few.

Ashley Ebert, APRN, CNM -

Medical Instructor Medical 2 Students

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Prom Dress Donation and Giveaway

CAPS Closet is accepting Prom Dress Donations until March 25th. You can drop off Prom Dresses or accessories at the CAPS building. We can also pick up!!. Thank you so much for the GORGEOUS dresses we have already received. We are so grateful.

Dress Giveaway is scheduled for March 26th from 12-3pm.

Spring Recess

No CAPS March 11th - 18th
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