Same Sex "Gay" Adoption

By: Zian Garcia

Partnering or Parenting?

What is "Same Sex" adoption?

Same sex or "Gay" adoption is when Children are adopted by "Lesbian" or "Gay" couples.

The controversey of "Gay" or same sex adoption.

People across the country are debating about Same Sex or "Gay" adoptions. Some states in the U.S have passed laws removing barriers that would keep Same sex families from adopting. But some just keep piling on more. Its the thought of "Nature vs. Nurture", does the surroundings make the child who they are or is it the way they are raised. Which leads to their main concern is "How will the child be raised?" "Will they force the children to believe and be things they shouldn't?" Every ones idea of a perfect all American family is a mother, father, children and a pet. Instead of being concerned about how a family should look we should be focused on what qualities a family should have. Whether children have a mother and father, two mothers or two fathers what matters is the love, support and safety every child need. Every one forgets that these people have the same rights to be parents than anyone does because if they were an average couple they wouldn't have these huge barriers and negativity in their way.

Homeless/ Unadopted children across America.

In 2013 the United States average population of people was 313.9 million. As of now in 2014 the average population is 323 million. Out of that population in the U.S 397,122 children don't have families or perminent families and homes and have been rotating in the foster care 397,122 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system.

The adoption process:

The process of creating through adoption for "Same Sex" couples is the same process as your everyday "straight" couple. The one difference is that "same sex" adoption isn't legal in all states just like same sex marriage. If you are a same sex couple looking for a beautiful baby or babies to make the family you've always wanted you have options. There is foster care, infant adoption and international adoption. All of these options vary on what city, state or counrty you live in


When it comes to family I strongly believe that you don't have to be blood related, be the same color, or your love be defined by sexual preference. Family is a group of people that help you grow, give you the elements of strength to get you through the world. A parent isn't just the people that create you its the people that raise you. In out time a development of this country I think its time to move on from segregation and limits in any way. We are a new generation, a generation of freedom to be who we want to be and we cannot achieve that goal, we cannot achieve "The American Dream" is we are limited to the ways we can live our life just because of who we are and what our preferences are.


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