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A year from now, you will wish you started TODAY.

~Karen Lamb


Lots of December winners to celebrate. Janelle Marra, Margaret Zimmer and Dawn Tunby all hit EC before the 15th and each took home a $25 Target gift card.

We also had 16 qualify for the Part 2 December Incentive (1 point for EC, 2 for every new PC, 3 for every new C and 4 points for a Promotion). So proud of you guys! New gal, Rachel Isbell Hunt took home the prize of the JBL Speaker! Well done Rachel.

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60 Day Challenge!

I encourage everyone to participate. It's a fun, smart and easy way to keep your PCs (new or old) happy about their products and intrigued about other things they have yet to try. Participation is simple. $20 for C's and it's free for your PC's. If you've already gotten a new PC or two this year or had a few autoships, message Cori at the info below, pay your $20 and give your customers a chance to learn more and win more!

  • If you have existing PCs who are NOT on a full regimen, use this as an opportunity to educate them on everything we have to offer!

  • If you have prospects who are interested in the products, use the Challenge/giveaways as a closing carrot!

QUICK RECAP: The Challenge itself is based on a points system based on your PC’s participation. EVERYONE has a shot at the free regimen, which will be raffled off at the end of 60 days. One point = One raffle entry. The more C’s we have in the mix, the more supplemental prizes we’ll be able to give out along the way, as well. New PCs must order on or before January 15th in order to participate. This is for your benefit! Boost your January PSQV and secure reorders in March.

The cost for C’s to participate is $20 which covers the free regimen and any other prizes given out. It is free for your PC’s to participate. If you’re in, please Paypal or Venmo me ASAP so I can see what we’re working with and determine what else we’’re giving away besides a free regimen. Paypal email is: or Venmo user name is @cori_vee


As a team, we added 2 new C's and 7 new PC's. Congratulations to everyone and Welcome to Team Ariza, newbies! Our Org Volume for December 2015 was $22,285 which was down 14.4% from the previous month.

Happy Anniversary


Watch the TEAM ARIZA Facebook page. New incentive will be announced on the 20th.


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We have a new President and CEO and her name is Diane Dietz. Take a moment to check out her story Here. And for a Cliff's note version, check out her Wikipedia link Here.


Don't Reinvent the Wheel!

When we get bogged down in thoughts of, "how can I do this better?", or "how can I do it differently?", we often overlook the simplicity of this business. This is where we get stuck, we get frustrated, and we want to throw in the towel! However, there are so many amazing success stories for us to use as examples of how to model our business. Find one that resonates with you and use it. At the same time, trust that we are each unique individuals and that this uniqueness will come through naturally in how we present it to our friends or how we post about it on social media.

The yellow brick road has been paved for all of us, and it can lead to something friends, more income, trips, recognition. It's a New Year, don't be afraid to see where the yellow brick road can lead you.

Friendly Reminders

Bring Mini-Facials and business cards with you EVERYWHERE.

It will undoubtably be that moment that you've left them at home when you need them most, so don't leave home without them. This is your business, and these are your calling cards. Just remember to get their contact info too.

If you need help, just ask!

We have an abundance of resources available to us: Business Development Library, C&C Website, numerous FB pages. But if you're stuck or if there is a question that you can't find the answer to, just ask.

A great call to listen to, RIGHT NOW!

Listen to Matt Wilson talk about R+F from a male perspective

Dial: 641-715-3589

Code: 559058##

Kristen Ariza

We grow as a Team. We are all Leaders. We are all Bosses. We are all in this together.