University of Kentucky

School Information

  • Located in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Offers a fine arts degree program
  • Total cost for a four year degree would be about $59,00
  • Admissions are a GPA of a 3.6, SAT score of 1679 or ACT score of 25.
  • About 20,700 were enrolled in the fall of 2014
  • The student to teacher ratio is 18:1

Location Information

Lexington, KY

"The Horse Capitol"

Fun All Around

  • Kentucky Horse Park
  • The Henry Clay Estate
  • Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park
  • Wave Tek Water Park Atlantis
  • Mary Todd Lincoln House
Climate & Weather
  • In the winter the average temperature is about 35 degrees F with high chances of snow.
  • In the spring the average temperature is about 55 degrees F with warmer weather and rain.
  • In the summer the average temperature is about 75 degrees F with hot humid weather and thunderstorms.
  • In the fall the average temperature is about 67 degrees F with cooler weather and possible snow.
  • Bluegrass Area
  • Kentucky River
  • Near Cumberland Gap

Payment Plans

I am planning to get a job to save up, take AP classes, and possibly earn some scholarships. I have already been job hunting but have been declined due to my age, but as soon as I can I will get a job to save up. Also while doing my 4 Year Plan I would like to tackle as many AP classes as possible to save as much money as I can. Being involved in College Dreams I am exposed to many scholarship opportunities and will be choosing some in the near future to add to my college funds.

High School Goals

Some goals I wish to achieve are:

  • maintain a 4.0 GPA
  • earn as many duel credits as possible
  • possibly be able to mentor my job shadow host
  • become a drum major for the GPHS Marching Band
Some classes I will take to help me reach my goals are:

  • AP Statistics
  • Child Development
  • College Writing
  • Music Theory

Possible Volunteer Options

I have talked to my College Dreams adviser about a possible aiding position with my job shadow host, Mr, Boldon, and I was told that there is a possibility but that I would need to further discuss it with my counselor.
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