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22 Days to the Finnish Line

UPDATE- October 12th, On Crossing the Finish Line in First Place - We Can Make It Happen

A message from Jerry Jemmott, two time Grammy Award winning bassist, and founder of Souler Energy.

It's We

Man has waged war on man for a myriad of reasons, some good, some bad; for thousands of years. When an evil ruler was in control, populations would pray for their overthrow. In my young life the many words of wisdom I was taught, “God don’t like ugly” and “No man is an Island” could never be discounted as false, and in my search for the truth in later years I discovered, “Guardian natural forces and deities in the universe that respond to the actions and thoughts of mankind”. Archie Shepp had something to say about this.

I was chosen to make many historic recordings that voiced these thoughts, over my career and now we have a chance to make history, and choose love over hate by simply voting. The alternative of being Human Livestock and pawns to a corrupt ruler, should be an easy choice. We were born for this moment, to change the world; becoming anti racist and pro environment as we share this planet.

My Mother Jessie fought for equality as a nurse in the 1920’s when she could not fulfill her dream to become a Doctor. My Uncle RB fought in WWll while my Uncle Richard was a conscientious to the war, my Sister Janet and Brother in Law Bob Moses, were founding members of SNCC and risked their lives along with Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner to help Blacks vote in Mississippi during the 60’s.

This has been a remarkable past 4 years; but we must exercise our rights; get out and vote to protect the future, and continue the fight for, peace, love and freedom from the current toxic, demonic rule in America; once a world leader in the fight for a democratic society..

In September we lost Ruth Badder Ginsberg. We mourn the loss of this advocate of equality; and express our condolences to their family and loved ones.

It's no surprise that the no tax paying, mafia styled Trump, is rushing to put her successor in before the Nov. 3rd Elections; and is now encouraging voter suppression via intimidation at the polls after previously slowing down and lying about the legitimacy of the mail in ballots.

August was deep in our history of the fight for equality with the nomination of Kamala Harris for Vice President of The United States of America and the loss of Chadwick Boseman & John Thompson and the yearly Anniversaries of King Curtis and Aretha Franklin. We also commemorated the death of Emmett Till who was killed in 1955, and in 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the March on Washington. This is also the month of Jackie Robinson Day and Kobe Bryant Day. Their contribution to the arts, sports and activism are legendary; setting the pace for us to maintain.

The WNBA & NBA players took the baton to support equality and will become a standard of action that will shape the future, as they follow in the footsteps of so many. Congrats to the new champions, Seattle Storm and the Lebon James led, Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition our prayers go out to the families of all the Covid19 victims and especially of those in the USA, where it didn’t have to be this way.

So many things are done for us these days that we do not get the opportunity to build our own memories. Our memories or history are implanted as files and put into folders that can easily be mislabeled, misleading, displaced, misplaced, buried, hijacked or destroyed consciously or subconsciously. Our desire to hide our paranoia is so strong that it has led us to build a platform on quicksand.

In July we celebrated the life of Congressman John Lewis and Chairman of SNCC who left us with his legacy of “getting into good trouble” to follow.

We must read, and recognize within ourselves as the author, of the truth unfolding, and recognize this opportunity to change. If your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Get involved and exercise our right for justice and equality for all of our planets inhabitants. It all comes down to UNITY.

We've got to be true to ourselves; willing to deal with all deficits overcoming all challenges willing to cut short your sleep at night overcoming any preconceived challenges. Emotional disorders like PTSD, PTSS, paranoia, arrogance, depression, inferiority complexes, panic attacks, physical disorders, mental disorders; known or unknown. In spite of any of that you have to have the passion or develop the passion to execute the dream; even without a plan; but having a plan is most helpful to keep the fire burning. Make It Happen

So register to vote; make a cause for change, and vote for change. We are able to modify; and continue to make change happen, in our daily lives, and see this all come together. Please share this updated NAKED newsletter, which is updated regularly as we move toward change using the link

There are so many wonderful examples of musicians welcoming and recognizing the power of Diversity. This was recorded the year that I began my professional career while in the eighth grade.

We have to take a stand, and bring some love into this land.

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