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NAKED April 22, 2012

Justice for George Floyd & Earth Day


This is only the continuation and affirmation of our march to justice for all on the planet;

As you can see, from the jury of 12 that convicted Derek Chauvin, for George Floyd’s death; that it starts with us. Pushing the boulder up the mountain, to bring balance and harmony to the planet and beyond; is ongoing; but let us pause to celebrate this moment, and be grateful for getting through the past. How can we use this moment to further our cause? Hopefully we will see The George Floyd Justice In Policing Act come through intact, while Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd continues to take this moment to the next level, along with athletes, entertainers, songwriters, celebrities, artist and the rest of us do our share to do the work that achieves change and balance. It is easy to spot something that is, “Obviously Out Of Balance”, but the brains ability to hide the truth is limitless, so we all must be vigilant and understand how important mental health is when we are exposed to false narratives that undermine reality and justice. As we’ve always known, it’s more than bullets; it’s who has them and why. Chauvin’s sentence will be staggering, with a history of excessive force akin to a criminal record.


Frank Melli, Co Founder of Souler Energy is the producer of Enviro Close-up; and this is must see TV!

Environmental Injustice Fought and Won in Virginia

This Enviro Close-up focuses on how community activism in Virginia stopped an interstate pipeline being pushed by the powerful Dominion Energy company. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would have carried fracked gas from West Virginia—with it and its associated compressor stations heavily impacting on African-American communities in Virginia—and ending up in a Native American community in North Carolina. Guests are Lakshmi Fjord, Ph.D., a visiting scholar with the Anthropology Department at the University of Virginia and an expert on environmental justice issues; John W. Laury, deacon of the Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Buckingham County, Virginia and a farmer-turned-researcher who documented how environmental racism was deeply involved in the routing of the pipeline; and Stephanie Willett, program coordinator of the AMMD Pine Grove Project. It has been fighting a proposed landfill in the historically African-American Black Pine community of neighboring Cumberland County, Virginia. They discuss strategies—among them “citizen science” and litigation—that provide a national model in the battle against environmental racism. Enviro Closeup #652 Watch here:


Here is another one of us who has died during the last 17 month unexpectedly, most likely by the airborne Covid19 virus which attacks and corrupts the weakest part of a living species for instance, the elephants in Africa that walked in circles until they fell over, and autopsies revealed each one had the virus.
You may recognize this warrior among them whose work was featured in a previous edition of NAKED.

Tribute to Cecil Corbin-Mark

Cecil Corbin-Mark, described as “a giant of the environmental justice movement,” died of a stroke at just 51 years old in October 2020. He was deputy director and director of policy initiatives of the organization We Act for Environmental Justice. This Enviro Close-Up features presentations by speakers at a memorial for Cecil including: Peggy Shepard, co-founder and executive director of We Act; Vernice Miller-Travis, also a co-founder and a We Act board member; Marva King, former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency environmental justice senior policy advisor; Congressman Adriano Espaillat; and Ali Zaidi, former White House climate and energy advisor. It features, too, praise for Cecil from a variety of environmental groups and others. And, also in this Enviro Close-Up program are segments from an Enviro Close-Up show with Cecil, indeed a giant of the environmental justice movement. Enviro Closeup #650 Watch here:


Focus on the goodness during storms. If the news becomes too heavy... take a break and come back when you can think clearly. Faith and hope is the proper lens by which we must see the world.

Here’s a little of the progress we’ve made with EARTH DAY.

While surpassing the grim forecast of over a half a million people dead in the USA on a daily basis, the new vaccines are helping to mitigate the spread of COVID19 and its variants, but masking up will be in our future for some time to come. With the vaccine in the arms of one in four adults, there is hope for live music in 2022. Speaking of which, Actor/Singer/Dancer, Mr. Herb Rawlings Jr. one of the Founders old band members and Dream Girls and Las Vegas showstopper, has experienced the benefits of a very interesting muscle building supplement in combination with vitamin D-3 and has provided us with this Link.

Our Founder too has encountered the benefit of better health. Starting with a hernia operation on December 28th 2018 at age 72, and ensuing surgeries on his Eyes two Shoulder replacements, Digestive System issues, Shortness of breath, Prostate surgery, Back pain, and Knee pain; it has been a roller coaster ride of healing and rehabilitation, that was supported financially by, The Jazz Foundation, Musicares, The Blues Foundation, California Jazz Foundation, The Actors Fund, and The Musicians Foundation; and was only at about 80 % successful before embarking on an excellent program from an unlicensed yoga healer with long history of life saving success. With a glaucoma reading of 21 going down to 14 in one month during her protocol and everything else feeling around 95% better, with consistent maintenance; we can only say much love and thank you for your gift of healing. Join Souler Energy and get connected;

We have accomplished a few more things in the past year.

1. Got rid of #45

2. Retook the Senate

3. Started undoing the damage from #45 bad policies on Climate Change like stopping the invasion of the Arctic and the cross country oil pipeline. 4. The total carbon emissions were down 7 percent thanks to the virus and the lockdowns. Less emissions that Earth Day 2020.

5. PBS has a great 3 hour film on Greta Thunberg. It talks about how meat we eat and clothing we buy affect climate change and why our weather has

changed so much.

6. We made it another year above ground.

We continue to celebrate the momentous year of 1971

50 years past, so enjoy the remainder of NAKED which has been previously published below, but always relevant; and look out for the updates, including this one

The Aretha Franklin Show made a stop in New York at City College with Muhammad Ali on April 25th prior to their European tour just six days after he recorded “ The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, with Gill Scott Heron and “For What It’s Worth with The Voices of East Harlem, earlier that year. This was a huge chapter in our Founders life, which he details in his book "I'm That Guy" for which he is and his co author Dr. William Knoblauch PhD are seeking a publisher to give it the full exposure, it deserves.

A message from Jerry Jemmott, two time Grammy Award winning bassist, and Founder of Souler Energy.

We make history every day but 50 years ago on Friday March 5th, 1971, Aretha Franklin and King Curtis recorded their shows at the Fillmore West, in San Francisco, California. I was in the band that had been envisioned by King Curtis and Jerry Wexler, which included Cornell Dupree, Truman Thomas, Pancho Morales, Bernard Purdie, and Billy Preston with Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson’s , Memphis Horns ; that would bring the Flower Children into the world of Soul music, and the whole world has rejoiced every since . The two albums King Curtis Live at Fillmore West and Aretha Franklin Live at Fillmore West are two of the best live recordings of all time. If you were lucky enough to pick up the Rhino release in 2006, you got all three nights which includes the Memphis Horns doing “Knock on Wood”, with us Kingpins on opening night. We had done a show in Houston in February, prior to this one, and were welcomed at the Fillmore with wild enthusiasm by the audience of mostly West Coast Hippies cheering us on; all standing on their feet, (what they now call Arena Seating) over those three nights; with Ray Charles joining us on Sunday night; Tower of Power was the opening act on Friday. Like music, our souls go on forever and we continue to fight the same issues that come with being human. I’m grateful to be here in this fight.

We left that gig on a high note, only to be crushed by Joe Frazier’s defeat of Muhammad Ali in Madison Square Garden the following Monday night; but we rise! As we watched from the 369th Armory in Harlem, the cause of being blocked from fighting for three years left little doubt of its effectiveness on Ali. After the fight we began a world tour of “The Aretha Franklin Show”, that would unexpectedly end with the Montreux Jazz Festival that June, which would be King Curtis’s last live performance. When my book, “I’m That Guy” gets published, you will get all the details of what was such a great year to start, but ended with the tragic death of King Curtis on Friday, August 13th, that year; and the beginning of my journey towards a life of higher consciousness.

We all know of many examples that reveal that cause and effect is indisputable; and music is a vehicle that reaches into the soul, beyond the consciousness; so get your marathon music going and make change happen!

The path of Justice has been blocked by prejudice hate and racism. We must rise to the challenges and you fight in the name of freedom and justice for all. With the unity of many bodies but one in mind united for the sake of all living beings. We have always been surrounded by devils and demons; eager to lie; jump in and undo the work of the mighty few. The world is too messed up for us to go it alone.

We must read, and recognize within ourselves as the author, of the truth unfolding, and recognize this opportunity to change. If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Get involved and exercise our right for justice and equality for all of our planets inhabitants. It all comes down to UNITY.

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We have to take a stand, and bring the love into this land. BTW if you are a Amazon shopper please go to and choose Souler Energy as your charity.

Cecil Corbin- Mark
New York April 25th 1971