Knights Watch

September 8 - 11

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Identifying Essential Learnings for ELA and Math
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

Emergency Lockdown Drill on September 9th at 9am

Our required practice lockdown will take place on September 9th and 9am. Please talk with your students about the lockdown and emphasize that it is a practice. Officer Terry and other police officers will be on campus.

Red cards are to be used if there are injuries in the classroom. Otherwise, it should be green. I checked with Kevin about this and this is correct.

Guided Reading

Guided reading rotations should be up and running by Monday September 14th. This date allows ample time for you to have laid the groundwork for your reading workshop.

Reading Coach's Corner

Please read and reflect on the linked article about classroom meeting areas before PLC meetings on Wed. The ideas in this article will compliment some of our future work with Literate Environment (R2S Competency #5) and Reading/Writing Workshop. This is the perfect time of year to be looking closely at how we design our teaching spaces and how it affects our students’ learning.

Reminder: F & P kits are available for your use when you have a new student from outside of the district. This assessment will guide much of your instruction with these new students, at this point in the school year. Feel free to bring ELA questions/concerns about these students to me as they arise.

The Literacy Closet is under construction! There are now clips for each teacher in our school. I am currently working on replacing outdated materials, organizing 6 pks. of books in labeled bags, and expanding our Teacher Resource section. As you begin your work with Guided Reading shortly, I would appreciate your feedback and about Literacy Closet needs.

Study Hall (formerly Breakfast Club)

Beginning September 8, any K-5 students who need help finishing their homework, completing a project, or studying for a test can go to the Professional Development Room from 7:10 - 7:40 for assistance. There will be a total of 10 passes available for students to take advantage of this time. Five passes will be in the gym and five will be in the cafeteria.

Special Area folks will monitor Study Hall and keep track of students moving in and out and what they're working on. Our goal is for this to be a safe and quiet place for kids to get their homework done and hopefully instill a sense of responsibility.

Teachers can recommend the service but we will not develop a required roster. If you have feedback/suggestions, please share with your grade level Core representative.

Author to Visit MGES!

Fifth grade is working up to a very exciting event taking place on September 17. All fifth grade students were given a copy of the book, Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea. Students and teachers have already begun reading the book and completing various activities. On September 17, all of our fifth graders will get to meet Rob Buyea here at MGES!

We are very excited about this opportunity!

Challenger Tuesdays

If you are working Challenger, please remember that you may not start your position until you're dismissed from school meetings/activities.

Tech Camps with Heather

Check the MGES Calendar for Tech Camps with Heather. She will here all day those days for you to stop by the PD Room for help with Canvas or anything technology/instructionally related.

Fall Showcase

Our Fall Showcase will be held Thursday, October 29 from 5:30 - 7pm. Special Area folks are cooking up some exciting things for our families to do and see. Teachers, you will need to have a creative display outside of your classroom and student work inside of the classroom. This will be a time for parents to get a look at what our kids are doing. More information to come.

New Lead Custodian!

Please join me in welcoming Bonnie Tucker as our new lead custodian! She has been in the business for 20 years and has most recently worked as Oakdale's general custodian. You may recognize her when you see her as she's been here a few times to help Della after school.

This Week:

  • Happy Labor Day!


  • Afternoon: Meet briefly in the media center at 2:45 then GL PLC time until 4pm (If you would like for one of us to be there, just let us know.)
  • GT Parent Meeting 6-7pm @ India Hook


  • MAP for 3-5 Begins (No change to Specials; Tap for schedule)
  • Literacy with Lisa - Teams will meet during planning in the PD Room
  • An announcement will be made to begin the Emergency Lockdown drill at 9am. Officer Terry and one or two other police officers will be present so please talk with your students about how this drill is a practice. I will notify parents of the drill. Follow the Safe 7 guidelines. A fire drill will follow.


  • :)


  • Spirit Day
  • Moree at DO, AM
  • PLC Minutes Due to Canvas

Check the MGES Calendar for Upcoming Events!