The Sankofa United Community Corner

Sankofa United

From Mrs. Erica...

Greetings Sankofa community, my name is Erica Macklin and I have the honor and pleasure to serve as the Community School Manager at Sankofa United Elementary School. As a community school manager my priorities are but not limited to:

  • Being a Community Schools Champion

  • Needs Assessments

  • Partnership Development

  • Student and Family supports

The goal of my newsletter is to provide bi-weekly information for our community, in the areas of but not limited to; School wide Attendance, Family and Community resources, and Upcoming Events. I look forward to partnering, meeting and seeing all students and families in the future either in person or virtually. Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions and or concerns.

Please remember to take care of yourselves and others..


Mrs. Erica

Community News...

  • NEW PROCESS for Registration for Sankofa United (2020-2012) DEADLINE IS JUNE 16th!!!

It is now MANDATORY that families/care-givers create a parent portal account via Aeries on line in order to register your student for the new school year. In the past the school district used paper forms for registration, that has now been replaced with the new parent portal. Many of you received a call from the front office staff asking about your intent to return, however, that is not in lieu of this new process. You must create the account on Aeries in order to register.

Please read directions below on how to begin the registration process-

If your child is already an OUSD student, information about registration in Aeries parent portal can be found here. You can access the parent portal here, at The website also allows you to download the Aeries app, if you prefer.

Please email me @ to receive your verification code and student ID. In order to complete the registration process.

  • New OUSD Website for families

Family Central for OUSD families. This website provides family-facing information about food distribution, internet access, financial and legal assistance, and distance learning. This website is still in development, and we will continue to add more resources and support for non-English speaking families.

OUSD Community Wifi Access Map. Locations on this map correspond with select OUSD school sites and they feature a WiFi network called OUSD Chromebook. Signal strength has been turned up at these locations, and families can drive up to one of the sites and connect. This WiFi service is for those families who do not have a viable internet option at home or who just need to connect to a stable and robust wifi signal. OUSD Chromebooks will automatically connect to the network

What´s new?...

  • I am excited to announce that through our district partnership with the Behavioral Health Unit , Sankofa United has been chosen as a focal school to implement the Caring Schools Community S.ocial E.motioanl L.earning curriculum. Caring Schools Community curriculum is a evidenced based social emotional learning and self discipline program. CSC promotes positive behavior through direct teaching of responsibility, empathy and cooperation. CSC is aimed at creating a setting where students feel heard, known and cared for. Research shows that building a safe and caring community and attending to SEL are essential to students overall success. We are very fortunate to be supported by Ms. Ajeiron Simmons. Ms. Simmons is a longtime district employee, and a expert in her field who is dedicated to the success and emotional wellbeing of all students.

Remote Learning Tips for Parents...

  • The link below is a great resource for supporting you and your student with distance learning. It is full of examples and extensive links for further understanding. Please check it out and feel free to give me your feed back on it...

Happy learning,

Your voice matters...

  • As a Community School Manager, I am here to support you, the community. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, concerns or questions you would like to share with me because YOUR VOICE MATTERS....Please feel free to email me @

From my heart to yours...

  • During this time of reflection, change and solidarity, the current events of our nation have been weighing heavily on my heart, mind, and spirit. As a educator, parent and community member it is my personal mission to educate, create awareness and support for all students and families while maintaining a consistent and strong lense of equity. I am hopeful that through protest and policy change our nation will be able to unite and live out the dreams of those who paved the way for all of us to live in an equal and just society.