Fun Facts About Peru

Culture/Geography/History/ Resources/Economy

Geography... How do the dry hot deserts and humid rain forests in Peru effect the wild life?

Many animals live in the interior of the country. Such as toucans. There are also jaguars, tapirs, llamas, alpacas, and monkeys. So the dry hot deserts and humid rain forests effect the wild life in Peru by giving the wild life homes or habitats for them.

Culture... What kinds of holdays do Peruvians celebrate and how?

Corpus Christi is a holiday that is celebrated for almost two months after Easter. The people take statues of catholic saints and dress them up in rich costums. Then they paraid around the streets with the saints on their shoulders. On Independance Day people gather in the plaza de armas to watch fireworks.

Resources/Economy... What are the jobs in Peru and how much money to people make?

There  are not many jobs in Peru. Sence there are not many jobs, people don't make too much money. Some how peruvians still get through everyday paying what they're supposed to pay and doing they're supposed to do. So that just shows that you can make it through life even if you're pore.

History... When did Peru gain its independance from Spain?

Just when Peru was ready to give up they started fighting harder to gain their independance. After all the non-sence that was going between Peru and Spain Peru's fighting payed off and they finally gained their independance in 1824.