Ict as a Whole?

No Problem!

First the Basics... The Five Types of Computers:

1) Embedded Computers,

these are such things as Toasters and Dvd Players. they are called Embedded because they are Inside of another Object. a Toaster can not run without the Computer parts. they are also inside of Phones. they are extremely reliable and energy efficient.

2) Portable computers,

Portable Computers are such things a Laptop's,PDAs and Palmtops. they are Portable,meaning they can be moved around,or Hand Held.

3) Personal Computers,

Personal computers are known as PC's. they are Stationary,so they cant be moved. they require a Monitor and a keyboard to Work,Otherwise,without a Monitor you wont be able to see nothing,and without a keyboard you wouldn't be able to click nothing

4) Mainframe Computer,

the Main Frame is a computer which allows computers to Work and feeds the other computers

5) Super Computers,

It Stores Important Stuff such as DNA and blood. they are Research based computers.

What are Input and Output Devices?!

First,Input Devices:

Input Devices are Such things as Keyboards,Or Computer Mice. They are Components that Allow Users to Enter Data Such as Instructions. Without Input,theirs no Output!

Now,to Output Devices:

Output Devices Are Like Computer Screens Or Printers. Output Devices are Components for Showing the Results of the Input. if you type in "Abc" on the Keyboard,the Screen will show "Abc" Back! That's How you can read my Information Right now!

Whats the Difference Between Soft Ware and Hard Ware?!

Well, The First Main Difference is Hard Ware is Physically,and you can hold it in your hand,While SoftWare is Just a Program. What they are Used for is Completely Different as well!


- Hardwares are Nearly Always the Same Old Basic Thing.

- A Computer System Consists of Inputs,Output,Processing and Storage Devices. So Without a HardWare,Or a Hard Drive (A Type of Hardware) the Computer will just not work Properly!


- You Cant Physically Touch it! its just like Thin Air...

- Software is used to Create Loads of Instructions,Usually Stored or Saved For Later Use Which the Computer Can Follow. An Example of this is Computer Codes!

Wait Wait Wait... Whats a HardDrive?

Very Good Question Which is a Good Example of my Next topic, Storage!

A Hard drive or a Flash disk Is Used for Storage. You Can Hold These! Now,not everyone Likes. Imagine If you lost it,or Broke it? All information Gone! But No,Instead We Now have...

Cloud Storage!

Before you Ask,it IS a SoftWare,Not Hardware! Cloud Storage is Useful Because It has a Very Large Capacity And Can Be Accessed by other Portalable Devices that have Internet Connection,Like phones or IPad! it Allows Businesses to Provide a Large Amount of Different Ways to Access Files and Data.

How can i Protect my Stuff?! Easily!

Worried Someone Might find your Favorite Song? or Private Infomation? Well Use a Password!

the Fancy Word for A password is a Encryption Key. An Encryption is The Scrambling of Data to make it Unreadable To Anyone,Unless you have the Correct Key!

To Fancy For you? How About Using a SSID? An SSID (Actually Meaning The Service Set Identifier Device) all have a Different and Unique Code,So that all Connected Devices Can Identify it.It must be used by all Devices on the Network so they Can Communicate with Each Other, So you could Have a phone Connected to a Computer without any Wires! Amazing! If you Dont have a SSID,or if someone finds out When you Dont want to, Anyone can get onto your Router! (oh no!) But no Threat! you Can Hide it! So No Sweat!

Have or Know Someone with a Disability?

The Kind makers of Computers Have Created Different Ways For People with Disabilities to use Computers! No Ones Left Out!

Blind People:

- Blind people can Use Screen Reading Software, These Speak out Everything written on the Screen. A Good Example is Windows Narrator,though Used for only Basic Jobs,its Still incredibly Useful

- You Can also use Braille Displays. this Can Also be used by deaf And Blind People. Deaf-blind and Blind people Can Read the Keys with there Fingers.

Deaf People:

Its Easier for Deaf People to go on a Computer than Blind,but that Cant Stop you!

- You Can Use a Transcript or Subtitles to Watch Things! So you wont Miss out on them Videos or Lectures!

Deaf Blind People:

- All Visual and Audible information is converted into touch Information.

- Braille Displays Still work,but with the help of a Screen Reader.

- Braille Display prints out your Stuff With Dynamic Braille Letters,Which Can be hidden under the Keyboard,Making it Really Easy to switch between the Keyboard and Braille Display!

Hand less People:

- the Voice Recognition System Are advanced and Work with very High Accuracy Rate,Rather than the Ones on your Special Phones!

Braille Touch Tablet