Gas powered car

the makers of the gas powered car

Extra!, Extra! First Gas Powered car!

Charles and Frank Duryea invented the first gasoline-powered car! On September 20, 1893 in Springfield, Massachusetts the brothers Duryea successfully road tested the First Gas Powered Car. The car started out as a horse drawn buggy on which they put a 4 Horse Powered single cylinder gasoline engine. The "buggy" had a friction transmission (which is a transmission that uses 2 wheels to transfer power, instead of a chain and sprockets), a spray carburetor (a device that mixes air and fuel for a internal combustion engine), and a low tension ignition (a giant spark-plug/coil). By creating this invention it allowed vehicles to move under their own power and not rely on horses. The Gas Powered Car has evolved today into one of the most useful personal transportation vehicles. It can transport goods and people much faster than the horse and buggy.

The Duryea


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