Evaluation task 6

How have your skills developed?

Adobe After effects

We used Adobe After Effects to create our production company clip and titles. By using this we have developed our skills because for future projects we will know how to animate words. We have learnt how to put a type writing effect over writing and how to animate lines.


We put all of our footage in to premiere pro and picked the clips that we wanted to use. We used effects to make it flow and we experimented with opacity during the dream. We learnt how to put sound in and how to use effects in the appropriate places. We edited the brightness in some clips and shortened clips as well.

How have your skills developed over the course of the production?

My skills have developed because I have learnt how to use different software to improve projects, I have developed my skills in premiere pro because I had forgotten how to use it. I now know how to render, export and add titles.

I have also developed my time management skills because we had to book out machines and we had deadlines. For example we had to have a rough cut ready for initial screening so we had to share out time on the editing machine with the other groups.

My team working skills have also improved because we had to share roles equally and find out the strengths and weaknesses within the group to help each other improve.