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Week of January 4th - 8th

Happy Holiday Friday!

I wanted to take a moment and wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday break. I hope you are surrounded by people you love and have reflective time to count the blessings in your lives. On a personal note, as we close my first semester at Beaty, I thank each of you for the contributions you make everyday. Thank you for supporting the students, families, staff, and me. I appreciate your willingness to embrace me, or at least pretend too! You have made me feel a part of the family. I am excited about where we are headed! Let's continue to work very hard and weave in a little laughter and fun in the New Year!

Best wishes to our Angela as she begins a new position MUCH closer to her home in Rockwall ISD. Your smile and positive outlook will be very missed! Always remember, once a Butterfly, always a Butterfly!

Couple of Reminders, before you leave today:

Sign up for a goals meeting, if you haven't

Para's turn in self-appraisal

Teachers turn in TA mid-year appraisal

All staff complete Mid-year Survey

Prep and plan for return

January 4th everyone will meet at Sockwell for a terrific speaker- Eric Cupp. We will start at 8:30 but, if you want a good seat and a good parking spot, be there early!

Coming soon:

Monday, Jan. 4 8:30-12:00 Eric Cupp (All Staff/Sockwell)

Monday, Jan. 4 1:00-4:30 On Campus Afternoon

Wednesday, Jan. 6 Team Leader Mtg. @ 3:30

Thursday, Jan. 7 PTA Board Mtg @ 9:30

Thursday, Jan 7 CMIT @ 11:30

Friday, Jan. 7 Building Tour @ 1:00 (Shows)

Upcoming January Birthday Girls:

Lipi Barua 1/1

Desiree Peterson 1/21

Suma Vazhavilla 1/21

Marta Brewer 1/23

Laura Johnson 1/24

Megan Fogarty 1/25

Maria Elena Resendiz 1/26

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • To the Women of Beaty~ I know brags are supposed to be about an Outstanding Characteristic, feat or something unique an individual does – that specialness that we can brag or tell others about. My BRAG is just this: When asked, ‘How is it, to work with so many ladies – one man and 79 women?’ My answer is always that everyone is kind, loving, and caring for one another. Everyone is like a family at Beaty. I’ve been to several schools in my 6 years as a CTA – I’ve been to Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and Senior Highs – none compare to what Beaty has – they have a kindness, a love and caring for one another that is rare among so many. We should examine what we have at this Pre-School and value and savor the richness of the relationships; this relationship and the ladies her are beautiful on the outside and the inside. Rare to have and hold! ~Gaylon
  • Thank you Sunshine and Shauna for all your hard work!
  • Karina and Amanda: Thank you for working together to make our room amazing! You two have been so wonderful and flexible! You’ve picked up our routines and are great with the kids. I couldn’t ask for a better support team!!! ~Megan
  • Elena Helms: You are a Rockstar!!! You are in charge of so many different things as well as your own class and you are amazing at everything! –Nikki
  • Brooke: Thank you for sticking with it during all our beginning of the year craziness. It must have been crazy to come from another school district and THEN to end up in an ever-changing classroom. You’re an amazing speech therapist and partner. ~Megan
  • Thank you Gaylon for all the great Holiday music.
  • Sydney- You are the coolest and THE HOTTIE TOTY!!!! ~Mysti
  • Thank you Sonia and Gaylon for the amazing work you are doing in the technology department!!! ~Yessica
  • N5- You are all wonderful! Thanks for making our neighborhood so much fun and creative!! ~Mysti
  • Angela- Thank you for your dedication to my class and school!! And for helping with decorations in the front~ Elena
  • Thank you to my little helper elf, Rhonda, for prepping all the goodies this week!
  • Bridgette and Assessment team - thank you for your continuous sense of humor!!! ~Elena
  • For Dina and Rhonda, these ladies are definitely honorary Sunshine Committee members! They have been so helpful and amazing this week in getting things ready for the door decorating contest and the luncheon. ~Shauna