The Real McDonalds Sign Parabola

By: Maureen P. And Chris P.

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Vertex: (2,5)

Roots: (0,0) and (6.65, 0)

Vertex Form: f(x)= -5/4(x-2)^2+5

Standard Form: f(x)= -5/4x^2-4x+9


1.What does the height of the Sign leaving the bottom of the sign represent?

The height of the sign leaving the bottom of the sign represents the y-intercept.

2. At the spot where the last right corner stops at the bottom, what is the relevance to the equation? The last right corner root is (6.65,0)

3.What is the maximum height of the Sign? The maximum height of the sign is 2ft.

4. How far away is the top of the sign when it reaches the maximum height? The top of the sign is 5ft away.

5. What is the domain related to the distance the top of the sign is from the bottom of the sign? 0<_X<_-7

6. What is the range related to the height of the Sign? y<_5