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What better way to start the new season than by wearing flawless pieces based on the bestseller novel, Rebecca?

A fresh designer, but already admired, Lancey Brighton, has launched the new spring collection that everyone is waiting to wear. This collection gets back to her origins in London, based on Daphne Du Maurier’s book, Rebecca. Brighton gives us a heads up about the amusing novel that partly made her childhood a remarkable period of her life. This collection as we appreciated in New York Fashion week, contrasts dark tonalities (for night dressing) and pale pastel colors (for day wear). This fascinating, but controversial fashion crime, makes critics rethink the traditional spring season color palette. Fashion-designer, Brighton brings out sweetness, delicacy and minimalist-simplicity with her sheer, silky and light-weight fresh fabrics. This style extenuates the idea of a fresh new start, as she commented. On the other hand, clean-cut coats, statement pieces and daring “Rebeckish” necklines (expressed in heavy wools and cottons) bring out some warmth to the seasonally bitter New York City cold. The famous Sarah Jessica Parker and Ana Wintour applauded to her genius and the innovative, and realistic collection.

Here is a fragment of what the creator of this spontaneous and cutting edge/ avant-guard collection has to say about her work:

“It’s difficult to explain, but this collection is very intimate as though it communicates (a piece of) my innocent and most precious childhood memories. For some quick insight, I intend to show off the controversy between the two main characters as they struggle due to their distinct personalities. In the novel, this struggle grows as an internal problem of the narrator.”

Later on we asked dear Lance about her inspiration process. Here’s a quick glimpse…

“In this novel the narrator (whose name is never revealed) is described as a weak, innocent child who fantasies about living in her dream estate house Manderely, which by the way I dream of having someday. When she finally gets to estate house, she starts to feel disturbed by the impotent presence that Rebecca has left behind in the house even after her death. So, in a way, this becomes a struggle for the main character as she tries to shine by Rebecca’s light. However, what she doesn’t see is that she has to shine by her own light, which suits her more. So I’ve decided to demonstrate this concept in the collection by using a mix fabrics and tendentious tonalities.”

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Naive Angel or Dark Rebel?

So with who do you identify most, mysterious innocent narrator o dark drama queen Rebecca? Find out here: Take the test.

Collection Opening! Count down already started...!!!

Saturday, Aug. 29th, 4pm

Lancey Brighton renowned black ship store (here in New York’s upper east sight

Famous store will open the doors to her new collection to all upper east sider women.

Join us!

This weeks to do list...

-Read Rebecca book.

-Buy sheer lace blouse @ Dear Lance Brighton's boutique

-Search for street-fashion princesses (be on the look out).

Love, BB. Rawan