Mrs. Skogstad's Class

4th Grade MOSAIC

2016-2017 News

I sent the following message out earlier tonight but the email system had some issues delivering the message. I wanted to make sure that everyone received this message.

Dear Parents,

It is with great excitement that I let you know that I will be teaching 5th grade MOSAIC next year! An opening became available for me to make a move to 5th grade MOSAIC and I can’t imagine a better group of students to loop with next year! I’m very excited to teach 5th grade and to teach your child again next year! With a strong classroom community already in place and a foundation of classroom expectations, the students and I will be able to dive into the academic work of 5th grade right away. There are many benefits of looping with a classroom. Developing a deeper relationship with your child, creating deeper relationships with families, allowing the teacher more time to address each child’s needs, and continuing to extend our learning together over a longer period of time will result in a positive experience for your child. Mrs. Hytjan and I have discussed the benefits of looping about this wonderful group of students and are excited about the possibilities and opportunities for even more growth for your child. I will be having a conversation about looping to 5th grade with the students on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Hytjan or myself.

Thank you,

Mrs. Megan Skogstad