School Survival Guide

Andres 2014- 2015

Extra Support

The teachers are the best. If you need help, then they will help you. There are days where you can go after school and work on what you need help. Some teacher don't have free periods, or even lunch because they are helping other learners. North Middle school teachers are so supportive.


If you have a phone, then you need to pay attention. I know that teachers let you use your phone for school and sometimes you guys play games. When you get your iPad, you won't need to use your phone. You can only play games at lunch.

Class Periods

There are 7 periods in middle school if you didn't know already. You probably are wondering "Why do we have so many periods?" The only reason why is because we have more classes like P.E, science, social, studies, double math, Enrichment, and one elective.


You can't choose where your locker is, but you won't get lockers anyways. They are changing it into something like a lobby for learning. You will still have lockers for P.E.

Time Mangement

Time management is a big skill that you really need. If you don't, you can get stressed or be scared you won't finish homework because you were watching T.V. See you should have a schedule so you can get your work done. If you have a lot of homework (that is rare), then just work on it until it is done. Trust me when I say you need time management skills.