Understanding China

Brochure of China


1. Population: 1,336,718,00

2. Capital: Beijing

3. Area: 3,705,407 square miles

4. Has 3 regions: mountainous, deserts, and plains

5. Located in Asia

6. Life Expectancy: 71

7. Located in the Eastern Hemisphere

8. Literacy Rate: 86%

9. Rapid industrial development has increased the pollution all over China

10. Has a tropical climate in the South and a subarctic climate in the North


Social Organization: Families are typically nuclear in modern China. Social classes are a thing of the past.

Language: There are 7 official languages. Everyone knows the symbols of traditional Chinese no matter what's language they speak.

Religion: There are thousands of religions, but China is officially an Atheist country. The biggest influence on religion is Confucius.

Customs & Traditions: Chinese New Year is among the most meaningful holidays. Every year, people make a pilgrimage to Confucius' birthplace.

Government: China has a communist government. The President is named Xi Jinping.

Arts & Literature: Art is greatly influenced by the country's rich spiritual and mystical history. The holy book of China is the I Ching.

Economics: China is becoming the worlds economic powerhouse. Uses the Yuan currency and is a huge part in the worlds trading system.

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1. How does China view religion?

2. Is religion an important factor to life in China?

(1. Chinese people typically view it as something with little importance.)

(2. No. Although some people are very religious in China, most people have no special ties to any God or any religion. China is officially an Atheist country.)

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