Ireland to usa

A new home


IRELAND is a great place to stay. But not in the 1800"s was a bad time to be in the great IRELAND. there were sicknesses, daseses, and rotten food. the first Pic is of a castle in IRELAND the second pic is of the Irish flag and the last pic is of an old old castle those are the 3 pics that I have chosen of the great land of IRELAND. Look on the bottom of the page you will find a pic on a food of the great land of Irish people. The first pic is showing a castle on a hill (probably not a good place to put a castle). the second is showing a pic of the IRELAND flag. the last one is showing a castle like the first one but not on a a hill but it looks like it is by the water. Now you saw some of the thing in IRELAND like the flag and some castles by the water.



IRELAND is a world of food new foods. Some are gross looking like blaa, and corn crubeens. Look down at the corncrubeens do they look good or not so good? You never know you might like it just try it. You should go to Google and find the recipy. Also the ether food to the recepy for blaa to they might taste good. You might all ready know the ingredients to this food but if you do not go to Google and look for it and make it. Look for the ingredients for blaa to if you want to try them both you should you might like them. Even know they look gross try them and you may like them. Cron cru beens has a pic of corn cru beans. recipie boiled brats and krout.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

History of IRELAND

Some of the history was that the first settlements was around 8000. A process was completed in 600. Around 800 vikings came to IRELAND. British involvement in IRELAND in 1177. camp assigns between 1534 and 1691.