Team Bullard

Here's what's happening in the huddle...

Happy Mother's Day

We worked hard this week to finish publishing our poetry books for Mother's Day. We certainly hope you enjoy them! Hopefully our plants made it home safely on the bus ride. The kids grew these plants from seed as part of our science unit on collecting and examining life. To all of our Team Bullard moms, Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week. From the handmade cards to the wearing of the green, my week was made very special by 27 cute little faces. It was amazing to see the bouquet our class formed together too! Thanks to you, I enjoyed a nice lunch from Lilly's and of course, the Friday chocolates are already almost gone. I feel very fortunate to work with such a caring and generous group of families. Thank you.


This week we read Charlie Parker played be bop by Chris Raschka. We focused on the following skills:

  • onomatopoeia
  • fantasy vs. reality
  • segmenting words into phonemes


We continued in unit 9 learning about:

  • using the number grid to add 2-digit numbers
  • using base-10 blocks to add 2-digit numbers
  • fractional parts of a whole


We culminated our study of animal groups in our Collecting and Examining Life science unit by visiting the Elmwood Park Zoo. The weather was beautiful and our chaperones were fantastic!


All of Gayman's first graders will put on a play called Rumpus in the Rainforest at 9:30am on June 13th for parents and family members. Your child should have brought home an assignment for a part in the play this past Thursday. Scripts will start to come home this week for practice at home.