Bangkok Kitchen

International Food Project - Grant Fluharty

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Bangkok Kitchen receives 4 stars from the Fluhartys

The Fluharty family went to the Bangkok Kitchen because my mom and grandma had already tried it and thought it was delicious so they suggested it for my food project. So I agreed to the adventure. When we went inside the restaurant it was very neat and artistic. It was like stepping into the art gallery. We sat down on a bench with pillows, it was very a nice setup.
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I looked on the menu, I wanted something spicy so I ordered Thai Spicy Basil it tasted ok. It was not as spicy as I expected but it was still good to eat. But the favorite thing I ate that day was the appetizers, the spring rolls were amazing and crab crumpets were delicious. Over all the dinning experience was amazing. The best part I think was the volcano shrimp my mom got for her meal. When they brought it out it was steaming like a volcano; it was awesome! I think this restaurant was the neatest and nice looking out of all the other ones I've been to and had the best spring rolls ever. If the food I ate was spicier then yes i would eat the same thing again. The food was not as spicy as I wanted it to be so I will not be eating the Thai Spicy Basil again. But I will definitely be trying more food from Thailand.
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Thailand History and Facts

Thailand is 198 sq. mi. and it looks a bit like a trunk and head of an elephant. Throughout the middle of the land there is very rich farm land. It has a long peninsula that's mostly Rainforest. Thailand is about twice the size of the State of Wyoming and a little bigger than Spain.

In Thailand the population is 67,976,405 people. Mostly all off those people live on countryside and not in cites. In these last couple of years people have moved from farm lands to cites the largest city in Thailand is Bangkok; the capital.

Thousands of years ago the Ban Chiang people lived in Northern Thailand. In 800 a.d. that part of land becomes part of the Khmer Empire which includes almost all of South East Asia. Then in 1238 the Kingdom of Sukhothai was put together. Then in 1350 the Kingdom of Ayutthaya takes control of the Sukothai.1569-1590 the Burmese try to conquer Ayutthaya. In 1767 Burmese try again completely destroying the city but King Takisin chases out the Burmese then moves the capital, Thouburi. Then in 1868-1910 Chulalongkorn is King Rama V. 1917 Siam joins there allies in WW2. 1925 Prajadhipok is the King Rama Vll. In 1932 their government gets taken over by military and government officials. Siam changes there name to Thailand which means " Land of the Free." Then in 1944 the Japanese invades Thailand and uses it for a base to attack neighboring countries. In 1945 World War ll ends. In 1946 King Anrnda Rama Vlll, was killed and Bhumibol becomes King Rama lX. In 1965 Thailand becomes the base camp for America in the Vietnam war. In 1973 a student revolution takes the army out of power. In 1978 they made a new constitution. In 1991 the military takes the control back and the students riot, the king then arranges peace talks for the people. Then in 1996 Thailand celebrate King Bhumibol's 50-years of reign. In 1997 Thailand turns against the U.S. during the Asian financial crisis and the unemployment rate rises. In 2004 a tsunami hit Southern Thailand and killed more that five thousand people. In 2006 the military overthrows the Prime Minister and a new leader was put in his place. In 2007 another constitution is made. In 2008 Abhist Vejjajiva becomes the fourth Prime Minister in one year. In 2011 the former Prime Minister's sister is the first female Prime Minister. But in the rainy season of 2011 it caused the worst flooding in 50 years, killing over 500 people. In 2013 more than 100,000 protesters take up the streets trying to force the Shinawatra family out of the government. In 2014 the military listens to the protests and take over the government and erases all the evidence of former president Thaksin Shinawatra for the history books in the High School. In conclusion Thailand has a very sophisticated history.

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The Food

Thai Spicy Basil has two main ingredients; chicken and basil. I decided to work on the basil side of things. Basil has been prepared in food for more than 4,000 years. In the past, basil was believed to have healing powers. For example, basil was used it to heal snake bites. This green herb was also believed to give concentration during fasting.

Basil was found in Egypt when the Egyptians used it for embalming bodies. In Greece, basil was a symbol of loss.

In Crete, basil was known to scare away the devil so they placed it on their windowsills to keep the devil away. In medieval times, many doctors thought basil was dangerous to eat. Other people thought basil was good for spiritual and mental health.

Basil was not introduced in Great Britain until the 16th century and they later brought this herb to North America. Today it is grown all over the Mediterranean region and in California.