:) Manganese Mn (:

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//The Basics\\

  • The symbol is Mn
  • The atomic number is 25
  • The atomic weight 54.938045
  • Group 6
  • Period 7
  • The color is silvery metallic
  • Classified as metallic

History and Uses

Maganese was discovered by Johan Gahn in 1774 at Sweden. Latin word magnes meaning magnet, or magnesia nigri meaning black magnesia.

Manganese compounds are essential to life. They are essential for the action of some enzymes. Soil deficiencies lead to infertility in mammals and to bone malformation in growing chicks.

Biology (in humans) and Geology (in universe)

Biology: The human abundance by weight is 200ppb. The human abundance by atoms is 23 atoms relative to C=1000000 They are essential for the action of some enzymes.

Geology: Manganese nodules on ocean floors holds contain about 24% manganese. Most Manganese is used from ores in Australia, Brazil, Gabon, India, Russia, and South Africa.