Hardworking Path To Perseverance

Lucy McGary May 2016


Perseverance is the ability to push through mental ,physical and emotional adversity to get things done.

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Chronological/Sequence

First, Nadja started to play violin. She fought her mother about the idea of playing violin, but still played it. Nadja began to be very good at violin. Next, Nadja got accepted in to Julliard. She began to have low self esteem because she thought all the other kids were better than her. Nadja starting doubting her ability to play violin even though she was good.Then Nadja began lack practice. Her teacher Ms.Delay told Nadja "if you don't start practice i'm going to kick you out of my class ." One night, Nadja was persistenet and made her self practice . She was grilling a sausage and she was not paying attention. Her apartment caught on fire. Nadja was on her bare end. One day, Nadja played and kept o practicing for a performance she had coming up. Nadja got on stage and she played her heart and soul out. Nadja had played better than she ever had before .
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Eleanor Roosevelt Perseverance

Eleanor Roosevelt showed a lot of perseverance in her life.As a young girl Eleanor was never shown compassion or love by her mother . Eleanor mom was like a bully to her she would call her "Grandma".Eleanor did have her dad she loved her dad her dad taught her what love was.Eleanor's dad was alcoholic he died and so did her mom.Eleanor had 2 of her parents die at a young age.She started off with adversity from a young age which cause her damage emotionally.As you can see Eleanor went through a lot of emotionally hardship.Eleanor still found love and got married and had kids.When her husband was sick with polo. Eleanor was a shy and hurt person. Eleanor had to get over that because she would have speak too different people . Eleanor believe that she was this ugly little ducking that her mother believed she was.Eleanor was so much more she showed people in her time what perseverance really was.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

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The Orphan train Rider

The orphan train is a train that took kids away from their mother,father and siblings.The

reason they were taken away from home was because they were homeless.Their family didn't have enough money etc.They would possibly never see their family again.In the story The boy's name is lee and his perseverance. Lee mother died and his father was trying to get money for lee and his brother. Lee father could not support him and his brother.He sent his kids on the train for a better life. Lee yielded the idea of leaving is father.Lee wrote letter to his dad no response.Lee was sperated from his brothers.Lee this hurt lee so bad that his family was gone.Lee eventually found a home where he had a new life and dad who loved him.