Writing In Science PLC

Thursdays at 3:15PM in the Toolbox

Develop Expository Writing Through Writing In Science

This eight session course takes a deep dive into the Writing In Science instructional approach to lift understanding of both scientific content and expository writing and language structures. Participants will be a part of district-wide learning community founded on the research and publications of Betsy Fulwiler as part of a course new to RRISD. This instructional approach was funded through the National Science Foundation and is used in schools across the United States.

Teachers will get support in using an approach that improves students achievement in Science and Writing and contributes to more equitable achievement for learners with special needs, especially ELL student and others struggling with literacy and English. Expository writing structures carry over into other subjects with students using more deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and evidence-based writing. Teachers in RRISD using this approach for Science instruction have shown substantial gains in student performance on both Science and Writing STAAR.

This class is targeted to meet the needs of :

*Elementary teachers grades K-5

*Teachers looking to strengthen expository writing by writing in other content areas

*Teachers focusing on Science and/or Writing for T-TESS

*Teachers new to teaching Science

*Teachers of ESL students

*Teachers seeking to increase student gains in Science

*Teachers who have attended a one day workshop and are ready for next steps

All Sessions Take Place from 3:15-5PM in Room 207A at the Professional Development Toolbox. Register on Eduphoria with the links below.