Week of October 19th-23rd

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~Shout out to all of you for a smooth transition during clubs last week! I saw SO many great methods of club identification from nametag/lanyards, to pictures outside of doors, to matching symbols, etc. Great job, and all the kids were SO excited both before and afterwards!

~ Some Elkins kiddos will be conducting the opening ceremony in the board meeting tonight at 7:00. If you're over close to Old Decatur and want to stop in to watch, they will be leading the pledge, moment of silence and giving brief introductions.

~ Bobby is out sick today as well as tomorrow. Hopefully, he will feel better and he hopes to be back to work on Wednesday.

~ Just a reminder, that I will be off campus Wednesday for LEAD meeting all day.

~ Thanks to all of you who signed up for our CIR campus cohorts. Those will take place in November, and it's 12 people who did not get a chance to participate last year. We are looking forward to those half days of learning.

~ Make sure you have student work posted in the hallways. Several of you have a lot of great work up, but there are still some classrooms that don't have anything posted in the hall and haven't had anything posted all year. Remember, if a parent walks to their child's classroom and sees a lot of work posted around the school, but their child's classroom has none, that makes them question what they're doing. Also, just a reminder that the learning target should be posted in the hallway as well. Always post the students' BEST work in the hallways!

~ Teachers, when you have district PLC's/other district meetings, please make sure to let Laura know. There are a lot of meetings and a lot of dates, so she needs you to individually let her know if you will be out and when. Also, make sure to visibly see your sub before you leave for training. To make things easier, the sub times have now been changed in Aesop. The hours for subs will now be from 7:10-3:10 so that they are here in time for the first bell to ring. Hopefully, this will make it easier on you all as well.

~ 2nd and 3rd grade will meet with ICLE tomorrow at Saginaw Elementary. Please bring items that you would use to plan along with the rubrics you received at last week's training.

~ Just a reminder that I need your certificates from Monday's district training. You should have all received 6 hours. Thanks to those of you who have already turned them in! I've gotten a lot!!

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~ Our Fun Run is THIS Friday! The kids would love to see you out there cheering them on, and I'm sure we will have quite a few parents come as well! If you can take some time during conference to come out for a few minutes, I know the kids would love it!

~Parent/Teacher conferences are right around the corner. We have that afternoon of November 11th (early dismissal) for conferences, but you won't be able to get them all in that day. Make sure not to schedule conferences during your regular conference period on that Wednesday, as we will be on early dismissal schedule. We also have The Morris Brothers coming for an assembly on bullying that morning. There will be 2 different assemblies, one for K-2 and another for 3-5. We will get those times to you soon!

~ Shout out to Kelly Clower for volunteering to help Sasha with Destination Imagination! We will have 2 teams represent Elkins this year! Thanks, Kelly!

~ Don't forget to remind students about our Fall Festival coming up! Have you signed up to volunteer!?! There's a week of jeans passes and a Sonic drink in it for ya!

~ Our math vertical meeting is this Thursday after school. Discuss with your team if there are any questions/concerns that you want to bring to the vertical team meeting. This is a GREAT place to bounce ideas, get advice, and collaborate on how to effectively align our curriculum from K-5.

Words of the Week

Words of the week for this week are:

Kg: COLOSSAL: big, enormous

1st: INSCRIPTION: writing

2nd: FAMISHED: hungry or starving

3rd:HABITAT: where something normally lives

4th: LITERATE: able to read and write, knowledgeable, well-educated

5th: MAGNIFICENT: very beautiful or splendid, outstanding, impressive

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

The words ARE up in the hallways. They can begin writing definitions, using them in sentences, telling what "passion means to them," etc. We HAVE ordered hooks to hang pencils/markers from, but they have not arrived yet. For the PIRATE words, the kids can use sticky notes with those words in sentences, the definitions listed, what they are enthusiastic about, etc. We will have sticky notes in containers mounted on the walls, but they can go ahead and begin before we have the materials hung! Encourage them to start writing about their words!

You can start telling your students about the "Word Up" levels. We have ordered the tags that go on the PTA rings. There will be one for every level (except for Rookie-since all students start off at Rookie). The levels are as follows! We will have a poster hung up in the wall this week as well!

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Tuesday, October 20th: ICLE Visit for 2nd and 3rd grade @ Saginaw Elem. (3rd will be 8:00-11:00) (2nd will be 12:00-300). Make sure to get with Laura to arrange subs!

Wednesday, October 21st- Kori off campus all day at LEAD meeting

Thursday, October 22nd @ 3:00- Math Vertical Team Meeting (Courtney's room)

Friday, October 23rd: Fun Run during Specials

Week of October 26th-30th: RED RIBBON WEEK

Thursday, October 29th: Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Friday, October 30th: Spirit Rally @ 1:50

Tuesday, Nov. 3 & Wed Nov. 4th: Bobby off campus

Wednesday, Nov. 11th: Morris Brothers Assembly on Bullying!

Early Release for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday, November 12th: Kori off campus at training

Friday, November 13th @ 10:30 - Dr. Parker on campus to visit classrooms

(yes- you can still wear jeans :)

Thursday, November 19th @ 2:00- Dr. Chadwell here for visit


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