Roman Architecture

Road To Rome

The Romans were Clever Builders................

The Romans barrowed ideas from the Greeks for their architecture and engerniering. The Roman's did improve architecture and engerniering for future people to imatate.

Domes and Vaults.......................

The Romans figured out a way to arch the cellings to large builds. The modern day most important buildings have a arched celling.

Colosseum Vs. Stadiums

The colosseum was a huge building where Roman's went to watch sports. The colosseum inspired stadiums all over the world. The sports are different. Romans had fights and fights to the death. But in modren time we use stadiums like the colosseum to watch sports like soccer, baseball, football, ect.

Architecture Is Most Important

I believe that the Rome architecture is most important. I believe this because the romans helped imporve architecture for fure generations. The Romans also found a way to arch the celling in important large buildings called Dome or Vault. Last but not least the romans inspired building like stadiums from the colosseum. Rome has made a huge Impact on the world for years and many more. That is why I believe Rome's Architecture is most Important.