August Meet Up

Oriagmi Owl Training

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August Meeting

Monday, Aug. 4th, 5:30-7pm

Panera Bread, 3409 Erie Boulevard East, Syracuse, NY 13214, United States

Syracuse, NY

Training brought to you from the Origami Owl Conventions
  • See the new fall jewelry
  • Learn about the new Insurance option available to designers
  • Learn about the new O2 Academy partnership with Grand Canyon University to earn college credits and degrees.
  • Details about the Maui trip.
  • Share tips on how to use the new jewelry and benefits to schedule jewelry bars and sponsor new designers.
  • How to fill up your calendar with jewelry bars
  • How to share the Origami Owl business opportunity for recruiting
  • Learn about the Recruiting Incentive I and Origami Owl have in store for you!

***If you can't come in person, I can connect you to through or on Skype / Facetime (mac)