Monday Minutes

September 10, 2018

Teachers, thank you for all the hard work you put into extended planning this past week. The deep conversations and planning in that you did will most certainly pay off in weeks to come!

Here are a couple of reminders for the upcoming week:

1. Teachers - We will be diving into Total Participation Techniques again this Wednesday. Remember to complete assignments 5 and 6 and have your responses entered in Google Classroom prior to our meeting.

2. Picture day is Thursday! Remember to bring your smile!

Instructional Minute

Now that you have received your Writing Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo, I hope you take some time to dive in and explore the different lessons contained inside. The table of contents is organized by different big ideas. The colored bar at the top of each goal corresponds with a section of the book. It's easy to find each section by looking at the outer edges of the pages. Within each section, note the bar on the left which indicates the level of students the lesson is designed for, the genre/text type, and the stage of the writing process. Some lessons are applicable to all levels of writers. For example, Lesson 2.3, "Listen. Praise," on page 64 discusses how to teach your students to share their writing with others. Lesson 4.5, "Write About a Pebble," on page 140 is applicable to grades 2-8 and presents a strategy for students to generate details about a specific experience rather than a general topic.

While you are working with students this year to teach them the writing process, I encourage you to dig into this resource and utilize some of these lessons. Many of the writing lessons on the curriculum planner reference this book. If you don't think they are just right for your students, dig in and check out other lessons that you think might work better!

Upcoming Events

September 11 - All-Pro Dad's Breakfast 7:00 AM

September 12 - Principal meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

September 12 - Staff meeting 3:00 PM

September 13 - Picture Day

September 13 - Progress Notes Go Home

September 13 - Rekenrek Math training for Kinder, 1st, and Sped - 3:00 PM, Library

September 13 - Camp Meeting 6:00 PM

September 19 - Team Leader Meeting 3:00 PM

September 21 - Family Game Night 6:00 PM