Lion's Roar

September 4th ,2015

Be informed!

Upcoming Dates @ W.T.

  • Sept. 7th Labor Day-NO SCHOOL!
  • Sept. 8--11th BOY Math screener window
  • Sept. 11th T-TESS Goal setting deadline
  • Sept. 14th 3:45pm Staff Meeting Science Lab preview
  • Sept. 14th 4:05pm Site Based Meeting- Title 1 Funds review
  • Sept. 15th MP out-Principal Meeting
  • Sept. 16th ART/PLC science documents preview
  • Sept. 17th Constitution & Citizenship Day

District Information

  • Safe Schools Training Online due October 9th
  • Science Training Past Due- August 31st
  • 6 hour Gifted Training Update due by December

Grade Level Reminders

  • I need to know feedback on how you want to proceed with curriculum nights and suggested dates for your grade level. Combing several grade levels on one night where each grade level discusses details about their grade is another option to consider.This could be done int eh cafe allowing each grade level a time frame.
  • I need each grade level and all EA's and departments(P.E.,Music,Library,&Computer) to turn in their schedules please include lunch, library and science, any duties assigned and computer lab times
  • Input on Awards Assemblies format from each grade level
I have already heard from two grade levels on the topics above! Way to go!!

Goal Setting Meetings

Please follow these helpful instructions to come prepared to your meeting with a goal in mind:

The first step is to reflect on your instruction and student performance. Decide on an area you might need the most growth that would benefit student learning. Then choose from one out of the four categories on the learning platform you believe will make the most powerful impact on your students this year. The four categories are:

  • Authentic Student Tasks and Products
  • Best-Practice Strategies and Structures
  • Learning Expectations for Students
  • Feedback Based on Student Performance

Narrowing your goal even further:

For the category you have selected, decide which quality of student learning you will focus your attention on. For example, you may have selected Feedback Based Upon Student Performance as the category you would like to improve on this year. Now, think about what aspect of feedback you will specifically focus on. Do you want to become more student-centered with your system of classroom feedback? Do you want to engage students in collaborative feedback such as with Kagan strategies? Or do you want to create intentional opportunitites for students to be reflective about learning (again Kagan could be used).

After you have identified a focus area; decide what steps you will take to help you professionally grow in your goal area. For instance, if you chose more student centered classroom feedback, your professional goal might be to participate in the online training each six weeks from the technology department. Maybe it is to join an education blog that blogs about using technology for student feedback. Just come with some idea of what you could commit to doing professionally to improve yourself in the focus area you picked.

Each staff member that teaches students (EA's do not participate in T-TESS) has been sent a calendar invite to meet with Amy and MP to solidify their goals.

We are here to help every step of the way if you have a question please ask!


  • The sweet mommas who have left their babies at home or at Kindergarten for the first time:(
  • Marichal & Bumpas who both have families members battling serious illnesses


  • Mrs. Farr said "Please express THANKS to whoever found my key card and stuck it in my outside door! I was a little anxious that it was already MIA this first week of school. This is another example that W T Francisco is a great place to work and play!"

  • W.T. was recognized for our social media posts! Click on the picture
  • Coach Topley who earned her 10 year pin from BISD-mention it when you see her!

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