Have you taken a second to digest the enormously amazing deal our hostesses can get next week just for collecting $200 in orders?? It's pretty WILD!

For a $200 party, they can get a Retro Metro Weekender and a Retro Metro Crossbody bundle, PLUS the new All In Travel Bag, Zipper Pouch, and 2 Timeless Memory Pouch Bundle, ALL with free embroidery for only $50 (plus t/s) for the entire set! That's crazy!
PLUS an additional $25 in hostess credit to spend! WOWsers! That's $273 in products for a little over $50! I've included a fun graphic for you to text, email, and FB message to your friends.

Here's some fun strategies to score big next week:

-Text the graphic with the following quick script to at least 3-5 friends per day:
"Hey (insert name here)! I wanted to make sure you knew the awesome deal we have when you collect a few orders of $200 or more next week! You get over $273 in products for only $50! Including TWO travel bags! Let me know if you want a packet. It's super easy, we close by 6/14, and then you get your stuff! You will also be able to embroider them for FREE! I'm excited!"

-Host your OWN $200 party so you can get $273 worth of products for only $50! That's pretty crazy and I know I want in. It only takes 3-5 orders and you can claim your own goodies!

-Post the graphic in your Facebook Closed Group! Make a game out of it and the person who collects the most over $200 gets to choose one of her bundles for free!

-Try the One Order, One Entry Party! For every one order your friends in your closed group get for you, they get an entry into a drawing for a free All In Tote once the party reaches $200 or more! It's easy for everyone to get one order right??

-Take the graphic with you to EVERY home party this week and next! Offer the bundle to every customer at one-on-one checkout and have hostess packets ready to go!

You've got this girls! Remember, this deal is only valid next week from June 8-14th while supplies last so start collecting orders today!!!! Parties must close on or before the 14th to qualify. The EASIEST way to score is to host one of your own! I'd love to help so just shout out if you need me! Have fun ladies!

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