Edward 'Ned' Kelly Dead

Edward 'Ned Kelly was born in 1855 in Beveridge Victoria. Ned Kelly's family were outlaws his mothers name is Ellen Quinn Kelly and fathers name John 'Red' Kelly. His sisters name is Kate Kelly. Kate Kelly was sexually assaulted by officer Fitzpatrick. Then one day officer Fitzpatrick decided to come around to the Kellys house to arrest Dan Kelly for stealing horses but then mother Ellen shot him in the wrist. Ellen bandged the wound up and they both agreed to never talk about it again.

Then officer Fitzpatrick wen back to the police force and said that Ned Kelly shot him in the wrist and then Ellen Kelly got arrested for aiding and abetting attempted murder. . His father John died on the 27th of December 1866. Now his son got hanged yesterday on the 11th of November 1880 Edward 'Ned' Kelly and the Kellly Gang were in a shot out, outside of Glenrowan Pub with the police. Ned and collegues killed three officers and injured many more but the police force was just too much.

Ned got shot in the in the right foot and got twenty-eight wounds. Brother Dan and friend Steve Hart escaped and survived and fleed but Joe Byrne died by a bullet to the groin. Ned Kelly got captured and sentenced to gaol. Ned went to court and was punished for killing three people and injuring many more. His punishment was that he got hanged at the age of twenty-five.