Best Private Eyes in West Michigan

Always One Eye Open

The West Michigan Office of Private Investigations provide services to various law firms in the area. Our Detectives are trained to be vigilant, perceptive, and always available to aid you in all of your legal matters. The public could hire our office if there is a legal matter that they feel needs looking into.
Our detectives are highly skilled, trained in maintaining a calm composure while dealing with unruly clients, are able to locate any bit of evidence in a given location, and are able to solve just about any case thrown at them.

Insurance, adultery, criminal defense, child custody, surveillance.

We've seen them all


  • An office building
  • Workers
  • Paper, pencils, pens.
  • Computers and an Internet connection.


Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday: 6:00-7pm

Saturday: 12-7pm

Sunday: Closed


  • Must have a clean, criminal record
  • Have at least a 4 year college education