Keep Saying "NO" Storage Warehouses

Keller said NO, but they are back

Keller Planning and Zoning Monday, December 14, 2015


Recently, you made your opinions known to Keller's Planning and Zoning Commission and to the City Council about the Storage Warehouse being proposed for the corner of Davis and Bear Creek Parkway.

Planning and Zoning ignored our protests and approved the warehouse, however, the City Council did not and denied the request for a 90,000 square foot storage warehouse on 1.4 acres.

The developer has redesigned the plan, putting two stories UNDERGROUND, but it is still 90,000 square feet, it is still a storage warehouse and it is still 1.4 acres. NOTHING has changed!

Yet again, Keller is being assaulted with requests for storage warehouses in prime, high end residential areas! There are not one, but TWO that are being proposed for Keller, right on our main thoroughfares. The first is on Davis and Bear Creek Parkway, directly behind Creekview, a high end subdivision. The other is on 1709, directly behind Silverwood, a high end, gated community.

The Davis/Bear Creek Parkway Warehouse is coming back to Planning and Zoning on Monday, December 14, 2015, just before the holidays when most people are too busy to notice!

Question 1: Does Keller want to be the only City in north Texas to have a 90,000 SF self-storage warehouse in a residential area? We deserve better than to be the first community in the state to have this type of use at our entrance. Warehouses belong in warehouse districts, or industrial areas. NOT in high end residential neighborhoods! It can and will negatively affect our property values!

Question 2: Why are there no a self-storage facility for 5 miles south on Davis in North Richland Hills? Because North Richland Hills said "no more" self-storage warehouses years ago.

There are no self-storage, or personal warehouses in Southlake in residential areas because they will not allow it and we should not either!

Question 3: Why has the City of Keller’s Economic Development Board not been proactive in seeking other quality businesses to occupy that space?

Question 4: Other cities require a time limit on being able to return when a project is denied. Why doesn’t Keller? The citizens made themselves heard and said NO to this warehouse and yet it is back just a few weeks after being denied.

Question 5: A Planning & Zoning Commissioner has been very vocal and has championed the project when this same developer improved the commissioner’s drainage and pond/lake on his property in order to smooth the way for Creekview Subdivision. Shouldn’t this commissioner recuse himself from input and voting since it is a conflict of interest?

Additionally, one of the neighbors to Creekwood has strongly spoken in favor of the warehouse, but only after the developer improved his pond/lake as well. Shouldn’t he and his son disclose this relationship?

The MOST important question: Do you want 90,000 square feet on 1.4 acres in your neighborhood? Regardless of how much is under ground, a 90,000 square feet is too big for that site!

If we, the citizens of Keller do not speak up and speak up NOW, we will have a storage warehouse occupying a prime corner on Davis, backing up to luxury homes. Where is the sense in that???

Your email and your calls are critical!

Please email or call the following:

Mark Mathews:

Rick Barnes:

Armin Mizani:

Bill Hodnett:

Debbie Bryan:

Tom Cawthra:

David Hawkins:

Your very concerned neighbor,

Jackie Black


A 90,000 Square Foot Storage Warehouse in a Residential Area is Wrong!