A Welcoming to Beecher Prep

-A Walk through from August Pullman-

Welcome to Beecher Prep Middle School

Middle School can be a rough time of your life or it can be the greatest time of your life. It depends on how you act and to make it a great year you should keep reading and learn what to do and who to be friends with. Well, stuff like that:

People you should avoid and people you should hang out with:

First is Julian, he acts like a nice kid around parents and teachers but when he is around kids, he is a totally different person. Second is Miles and Henry. They can be your friend at first but you never know when they are going to leave you and go with someone else. Lastly, you should not be friends with Ximena Chin. One of the people you should hang out with is Summer. She is very caring and Kind. Second is Jack Will, he always makes you laugh no matter what he says, you can have a fun time hanging out with him. Lastly, you should definitely hang out with Charlotte, she is really nice and she does not say or do anything that hurt your feelings.
Wonder by R. J. Palacio

At School and Afraid

There are many things you need to do to fit in. First of all, you need to make friends so you have people to talk to and hang out with. You might have a hard time getting friends at first but eventually you will find really good friends just like I did. Also, keep your hands to yourself even if someone is annoying you, don't react with violence. If you do, you might get suspended, maybe even expelled. And you never know rumors spread around quick, just like it did with Jack Will. He punched Julian and then Julian told everyone that Jack had emotional problems.

More tips to Survive at School

You should also pick the right people to be friends with, for example Summer is a good friend. She is a good friend because you can trust her and she won't give away any secrets that you tell her. But you shouldn't be friends with Julian because he is a troublemaker. Oh yeah, when it's Halloween don't wear anything childish or you will definitely get made fun of because some people at Beecher Prep always has something not nice to say about someone.
BOBBY MCFERRIN - Don't worry be happy lyrics

You Should not do this

If a popular kid is having a party and you got invited, even though you probably want to be at the party because you can consider yourself popular don't go. Don't do anything bad that could get you in serious trouble. For example, lots of kids in Wonder that were really young smoked. Like at the field trip Eddie and his friends were smoking. Don't be a follower be a leader, even if everyone is doing something that they are not supposed to be doing and they are your friends don't do it with them. Even if they call you a baby or something like that don't do it.
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (with lyrics)
Wonder trailer:

This is another video that explains the book wonder.

Who you should talk to if you are upset-

You should definitely talk to Mr. Tushman because he might have a funny name but he is a really nice guy. If you have a problem with something he would love to help you and talk to you, just like he did with me all the time. You should also tell Summer if you become friends with her because she is the nicest person at Beecher Prep and she loves to help people an put a smile on their face.
You should also tell your parents if you upset about something in school because they can help you out a lot. They could handle it with Mr.Tushman or something like that and everything would be fine. Like at the end of the year I got beat up by some 7th graders and they were screaming when they saw my face. But when my dad and mom found out everything was settled. Lastly, you should talk to Jack Will. You should do this because when you are upset he will make you laugh and you will be happy right away. Jack Will always makes me laugh, he just says stuff that are so funny.

Things you Should know at Beecher Prep

You should know that There are people that are nice and people are mean. For example, Summer is really nice and Julian is the opposite. He acts nice around parents and teachers but in reality he is not a nice kid. Next, you should know that teachers can help you out in all different situations for example, Mr. Tushman. Whenever I was upset I always had a talk with him. And he would help me out of the situation. The teachers are all very nice at Beecher Prep. For example, Mr. Brown never yells and I like him Monthly precepts, there very cool. Lastly, The 5th grade graduation is the best because you have a chance of getting an award. Just like I did, I got a standing ovation.

5th Grade Graduation

Thursday, June 23rd, 6pm

Beecher Prep