Why an energy drink?

Because the energy drinks that you usually see in the supermarket are fully made with chemicals. That is not good for you! We wanted something much better! Something that includes all healthy vitamines. This is not on the market and we wanted to be the first company to introduce it. 2-DRINK: The HEALTHY drink without any added sugars and harmful chemicals! You will only find biological ingredients and vitamins in these new energy drinks!

Our purpose

Like we mentioned above we wanted an energy drink without any added sugars, harmful chemicals and that it will only include biological ingredients and vitamins. That is our purpose. To make sure that athletes can make use of a new and healthy energy drink.

Our target group

The people we mostly chose to focus on are athletes with a healthy lifestyle. They are really active people who are into sports. They are mostly busy with their sports and they are trying to eat healthy as much as possible in order to continue their sport effectively.

We think that this will definitely can give them a more healthier boost into their daily life as an athlete because the energy drinks are non-chemical and it only includes healthy ingredients.


What's the difference?

The difference between a regular energy drink and our newest energy drink is that we deliver a drink with healthy ingredients. This will not damage your health and will only give you a healthy boost to continue with your sports.

Bananas, peaches and oranges are the main fruits we have included in the energy drinks. The fruits are fully with vitamins that will give you the energy you need during the day.

We hope that this will make a huge impact and that all the future energy drinks will contain healthier ingredients. The energy drinks of today are mostly with unhealthy chemicals and caffeine. We wanted to make a change!


If you have any questions towards us, don't hesitate and contact us! You will find our contact information down below. We would like to hear your opinion, ideas and feedback as well!