Harriet Tubman

By:Lauren Cravillion


Come on, hurry, let's go said Harriet Tubmen! Do you know who Harriet Tubmen is? And do you know about the amazing thing she did? If not then let me tell you some facts about her.

Known For

Harriet Tubmen led people from slavery to freedom (Pennsylvania). They would sleep during the day and the would travel at night. They traveled on the Underground Railroad, but it was not actually underground. The only way to know if a house was safe was if there was a bright, shinny lantern in the left windowsill.

Background Information

Her full name was Harriet Ross Tubmen . some people call here Minty, Moses, or just Tubmen. she was born 1820, in Dorchester County, Maryland. She died March 10, 1913 in Auburn, New York at the age of 93.


Did that help you figure out who she is and what she did to help people back then, now that I shared some facts with you? If so then maybe someday you will be able to write a biography on Harriet Tubmen!

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